5 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress Naturally

How to Reduce Stress Naturally


What gives headaches, insomnia, fatigue, chest pain, frustration, anxiety, and more…

That’s right, you guessed it!

Stress (seriously, check WebMD for more). It’s one of the most prominent issues affecting most of us today… But don’t you worry, because there are loads of ways to deal with stress, some are medical by nature (they have their merits), but have you ever wondered… How can you reduce stress naturally?

Well, you’re in luck, because I’ve compiled 5 great, easy tips that YOU can put to use starting right away to naturally reduce stress.

It’s time to deeply connect with the amazing beings we are.

Believe me, our minds and bodies have an incredible ability to heal on their own. You’ll see…

5 Easy Ways to reduce stress Naturally

1. Deep Breathing

Reduce Stress Naturally Breathing

Deep breathing is magical! No joke, it makes a whole world of difference. Not to mention the amazing power that deep breathing can result in, just look at Wim Hof! Here’s a short, 5-step process that takes only a few seconds, it drastically helps with reducing stress (only do this if it’s safe, of course!):

  1. Stop what you’re doing for a second
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Breathe in deeply
  4. Exhale fully
  5. Repeat until you feel relaxed (normally it takes me about 3 breaths!)

Make sure you breathe from your belly, not your chest. This is so you use your full lung capacity by focusing on your diaphragm. Believe me, it feels awesome.

Anyway, why this is such an effective method to naturally relieve stress remained a mystery to me for a while… Until I realized what was really happening: By breathing deeply, you’re mimicking the breathing pattern associated with a state of relaxation and calm. Therefore, by association, you’re becoming more relaxed and calm!

Trust me on this, try out the exercise, you’ll love it. This is without a doubt one of the best ways to naturally reduce stress out there!

2. MeditationReduce Stress Naturally Meditation

Let’s start off with some seriously huge evidence… Researchers from Johns Hopkins University, with 47 different meditation trials involving just over 3,500 volunteers tested the power of meditation.

Their results, well, let me quote Madhav Goyal, a Johns Hopkins expert on hopkinsmedicine.org:

“Meditation appeared to provide as much relief from some depression symptoms
as other studies have found with antidepressants”

Now, I know this is about stress and not depression. But keep in mind that it provides relief from depression symptoms! Many of which, such as insomnia and fatigue, are the same as those caused by stress.

It’s unbelievable how much an impact meditation can have, but you might be wondering… How do you meditate?

Simple! While sitting down comfortable or laying down, simply focus on your breathing. This is also a great opportunity to practice your deep breathing for a little bit! Getting into meditation might be a little hard at first, but it’ll come naturally.

Here’s what I recommend, spend 5 minutes every day sitting down, breathing deeply and focusing your mind on each and every single breath.

You’ll see how much of an amazing impact meditation can have as a way to reduce stress naturally. Plus, you’ll feel super zen!

Click here to learn more about the benefits of guided meditation (another great type of meditation) and how you can use it!

3. Cold ShowersReduce Stress Naturally Cold Showers

Wait! I know, who wants to take a cold shower? Well, hang on tight, because I’m about to convince you to try!

Cold showers have been shown to relieve stress in loads of studies around the world, but more so than that, they’ve got tons of other health benefits such as:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Improved immune system
  • Stimulated fat loss
  • Improved sleep
  • And more!

But what impact do cold showers have on stress directly?

Well, they’ve been shown to temporarily increase oxidative stress, which might sound bad, but although that oxidative stress isn’t permanent… Your body’s increased tolerance to stress is!

That’s right, cold showers increase your overall tolerance to increased stress levels, so you’ll suffer from less stress overall. I’d recommend reducing the temperature a little in each consecutive shower you take. That way, it’ll be a more bearable, gradual temperature decrease.

Sooner or later, you won’t believe how easy it’ll be to jump into a cold shower, trust me.

Among all ways to reduce stress naturally, cold showers are probably the most hardcore, but they’re also pretty cool.

Sorry. or am I? 🙂

4. Do Something You EnjoyReduce Stress Naturally Enjoy Fun

Yup, that’s right. As simple as it sounds, the act of doing something you enjoy can be an extremely effective natural stress reducer.

Of course, if you’re stressed because of a deadline or a due date, you’re probably better off getting that done first.

In most cases, however, if you’re getting to a point where stress is starting to overwhelm you (you’re not alone), taking a short break and having some fun is a great way to take a load off your shoulders naturally.

Honestly, people don’t take it easy enough. Take a breather! Enjoy the world around you, enjoy life.

You’re blessed, you’ll make it. Keep your head up and your heart committed!

…But don’t omit taking a few breaks for your health.

5. Disconnect & ReconnectReduce Stress Naturally Reconnect

We’re in an era where everyone is connected through technological wonders like the internet…

Why, then, do we often feel so alone?

The truth is, as much as technology can bring us together, it can also bring us apart.

It’s no mystery that we’re exposed to way too many screens throughout the day.

As a matter of fact, there’s an app (I can’t recall it’s name…) that recorded how many times I opened my phone.

The results were astounding. Literally hundreds of opens in a single day. I used my phone more than I spoke with my loved ones, and that stressed me out.

…Until I realized that I had a choice, once I started talking more, my relationships became much deeper and more meaningful. The impact this had on my life is incredible, I’m less stressed and I spend more precious time with people that are precious to me!

Here’s the gist of it, disconnect from technology, and reconnect with people!

I hope you’ve found these strategies helpful, believe me… When you put them to use, you’ll find it so much easier to live out the life you’re meant to live.

How do you intend to achieve your goals if you’re too busy being stressed out, right?

Click here for more ways to reduce stress!

Your dreams are waiting!


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