All You Need To Know About Grounding (AKA Earthing)

Earthing or grounding is putting the body in contact with the earth. The contact must be skin to the ground which means that the skin must be in touch with soil, sand, water, or a conductive surface that is in contact with the earth. Let's look into the scientific research and understand what grounding is all about?

the health benefits of grounding are undeniable

The Science of Grounding: Hype or Holistic?

Grounding (aka earthing) or as I like to call it getting a dose of Vitamin G is becoming quite popular nowadays.

I am the LAST person to jump on the trendy trains as most of them are fads that wind up being a TOTAL waste of energy, time, and money.

Well, grounding is not one of those fads.

And while you might be hearing a lot these days about ‘grounding,’ but do you know what grounding really means and how VITAL it is for your health?

What is Grounding?

What is grounding?

Grounding, or earthing, is the art of connecting the human body to big mama earth via the skin.

Mother Earth electrical current is quite healing.

The health and healing effect of grounding is becoming undeniable as a growing body of research is confirming the real results of grounding on the physical body.

Living in our modern world has really disconnected us from the Earth.

When was the last time you walked barefoot?

Even worse, we spend most of our days in shoes with plastic or synthetic souls, making it near impossible to tap into Mother Earth’s energy field.

Why is Grounding Vital for Your Health?

Why Is Grounding Vital for Your Health?

Earthing brings the skin in direct contact with the surface of the Earth, and this enables the body to have a vital electrical connection with the Earth.

By connecting to Mother Earth, you tap into the Earth’s massive reservoir of negatively charged free ions. 

The body is positively charged.

Due to pollution and the body’s regular functions, we release an excess of positively charged ions and free radicals into our systems.

Grounding, in a nutshell, balances the positive/negative imbalance in the cells.

And living in our modern world makes the need for grounding more essential.

As we are living our lives, we are swimming in a broad range of electromagnetic radiation releases by our beloved WiFi, Smartphones, PCs: microwaves and other essential appliances.

These electromagnetic radiations interfere with the electrical circuits inside the human body that are performed by the 37.2 trillion cells in our bodies.

This creates an electrical disturbance that can play a vital role in how the body functions. 

When we gound ourselves, we reduce the levels disturbances significantly.

Mother earth acts as a massive electrical shield around the body when we are grounded — protecting us from the EMFs emitting from appliances.

How To Do Grounding?

Ho to do Grounding?

OMG, this is the EASIEST part!

Get barefoot and go sit in the grass or on the ground.

I love grounding outdoors in nature as that helps me immerse myself into Mother Earth’s Negatively Charged Ions.

Another way is to get into a body of water like a lake or the ocean.

When indoors, I remain grounded by using an earthing mat. To read the full details of this magical mat, please go here.

Get your earthing mat here:

I even sleep grounding, and I use these grounding sheets to do the job.

The Healing Effects of Earthing?

The effects of earthing are numerous.

From the general feeling of wellbeing to the more dramatic effects of easing pains, reducing blood pressure, managing arthritis, and other maladies.

Please know that this article is written for educational purpose only. Please consult with your doctor whenever you’re exploring alternative ways to treat any health concerns.

The Science Behind Grounding:

Please, join me on this grounding journey! I invite you to watch this 15 minutes short documentary on the science of grounding.

It blew my mind, and I promise it will blow yours, too!

Here’s the scientific explanation:

To Enhance Your Knowledge on Grounding, I Invite You to Check These Books:

1. Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! by Clinton Ober

This book really helped me understand what grounding is and how to tap into its never-ending health benefits.

2. The Green Cure: How earthing, going outside, or simply opening a window can heal us by Alice Peck  

I find the Green Cure book a great addition to any nature lover and mother earth enthusiasts. If you’re looking for natural ways to enhance your physical and mental health and wellbeing. then please read this sciences backed book and tap into the author’s intensive research of the science of grounding and earthing

So next time you feel sluggish or lacking energy, simply take your shoes off, go sit in the grass or walk the beach or the woods barefoot.

Getting a good dose of Vitamin G is all you need for a natural yet effective pick me up for any given day.

I hope you found this health tip novel and helpful and that you’ll use it today 🙂

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