7 Signs You’re Super Creative


Creativity is one of the best traits out there, for sure.

Being creative is an essential part of achieving anything great.

From entrepreneurship to art, creativity is key.

Now, although creativity is typically thought of as a trait we’re born with, it’s also pretty easy to develop it!

Moving forward, you might think that you aren’t creative, but hold off on that assumption until you check out these 7 signs!

7 Signs You’re a Super Creative Person

1. Music Makes You Imagine Stories and Scenarios

Creative Music

Music is one of the strongest creative art forms out there, so doesn’t it make sense that it inspires our endless imaginations, too?

Of course! For me personally, listening to music makes me develop stories, scenarios and sometimes entire worlds! Now, if you find yourself listening to music and dreaming up incredible stories or scenarios, that might just mean you’ve got an exceptionally creative mind.

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In addition, a little extra sign of a very creative imagination is your taste in music. If you listen to a wide variety of music instead of just a single genre, that’s a clear indication that you’ve got an incredible imagination!

So if you find yourself dreaming up stories, scenarios, characters or even worlds when you listen to all kinds of music, you just might be creatively talented.

2. Your Imagination Isn’t Bound By Real-World Rules

Creative Real World Rules

Although our environments are undoubtedly a huge influence on our mind and thoughts in general, a strong imagination often isn’t bound by the same rules as our environment.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you dream up worlds with flying, talking, robotic whales or anything. What it does mean is that the worlds and characters you dream up don’t have to be realistic.

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When it comes to the mind, that detachment from real-world rules is a characteristic of a vivid imagination.

The greatest creative works out there all share this in common.

I mean, could you imagine if the late incredible Stan Lee‘s imagination was bound by the same rules as our physical world? Me neither.

3. You’ve Got an Open Mind

Creative Open Mind

Creative people tend to be very driven, however, a greater character trait related to that is the innate ability to keep an open mind. The more creative you are, the more likely you are to be open to new, interesting ideas!

This is partially why creative people often dream up great new and sometimes revolutionary solutions to real-world problems. Coupled with their vivid imaginations, having an open mind makes inspiration come like pure magic.

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Of course, this ties into the law of attraction to some level.

By having an open mind and accepting new ideas, you’re inherently a more positive person. It’s kind of a loop, by staying positive, you’ll attract new ideas and soon manifest them into real world solutions!

4. You Find Yourself Daydreaming Often

Creative Daydream

Daydreams are a prime manifestation of a deeply creative mind.

Throughout your life, maybe you’ve lost track of certain conversations by daydreaming. You’ve probably even daydreamed during an extremely important lecture.

It’s no wonder we’re taught daydreaming isn’t a good thing…

But there’s a lot more to it! Daydreaming is the consequence of our mind, which in turn is the result of millions of years of evolution. In other words, daydreaming’s got to be there for a reason.

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The truth is, daydreaming is an incredible aspect of a creative mind. The ability to randomly dream up interesting stories, worlds and scenarios is amazing!

Remember, if you can dream it, you can manifest it, which leads me to…

5. You Find Yourself Spontaneously Coming up with Ideas

Creative Ideas

If you dream up ideas of new things, products or solutions, there are high chances that you’ve got a creative mind! A great example of the manifestation of a creative mind is the will to come up with new things. Actually, if you’re really creative, it’ll happen whether or not you want it to.

A creative person just spontaneously pops up with new ideas. Although they might not all be effective, or even logical, they’re ideas nonetheless. An idea is better than no idea. Besides, having an idea, no matter how ridiculous, is often the starting point of an incredible manifestation.

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It’s pretty safe to assume that the light bulb started off as a pretty ridiculous idea to Thomas Edison. Now we’ve got dynamically changing LED lights all around us! How impressed he would be…

6. You Talk… A Lot

Creative Talking

This might either come as a surprise or a given, but the truth is, creative people often find themselves talking.

Wait! By “talking” I don’t necessarily mean talking to other people, talking to yourself counts, too. (And not, it doesn’t make you crazy! On the contrary.)

Regardless, talking a lot is a sign of a mind that’s constantly producing ideas, thoughts and images. It’s incredible when you think about it, we’ve all been blessed with the greatest, mystical supercomputer to ever exist! We can come up with literally anything, but I digress.

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Talking often is an incredible indicator of a very creative and mindful mind! Especially talking to yourself, which leads me to the final trait…

7. You Sometimes Enjoy Being Alone

Creative Alone

Before I dive into it, I need to clarify something very important. Being alone is not being lonely. Instead, being alone can be one of two things:

  1. Enjoying the company of your own mind
  2. Lacking the company of others and seeking distractions

Ideally, every time you’re alone, you’ll fit into the first category. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll never miss other people! You are a human, after all. Think of it this way; if you’re alone for whatever reason and instead of seeking distractions, you actually begin to relax, dream up new ideas or get something productive done… Well, you’ve got a very creative mind!

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Now, don’t worry too much about this, or any of the other traits really, because creativity, and by proxy all of the traits above, can be cultivated! You’ve got control over your mind and your environment.

You can learn anything you set your mind to. That includes creativity. So remember to keep looking forward!

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