7 Reasons Why Every House Should Use a Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps host a wide array of health and environmental benefits. This makes them very beneficial for your home and work space. Learn 7 ways that you may gain positive benefits today from using salt lamps.

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Have you ever seen a salt lamp?

I am sure you have! They are everywhere nowadays!

You may find them heavily featured at your local Bed Bath and Beyond, Pier Import and other home goods stores.

The other question is, have you ever used a salt lamp?

Well, you don’t know what you’re missing if you’ve never given it a try.

The best way I can describe a salt lamp is that it feels like having an open window that’s letting just the right amount of sunrays.

Or as I like to call it “Salt Lamp: A natural glowing Source of fresh energy”

It’s quite a conversation piece so don’t be afraid to own one and show it on your desk, in your family or living room, or even in your bedroom.

These lamps are very versatile and can be used at just about anywhere.

They are extremely beautiful!

Their visual appeal does uplift your mood and your spirit!

On top of that, they come in various colors; they available in white, pink, orange and red color.

The most famous of the salt lamps are Himalayan Salt lamps.

As of lately, the surge in the use of salt lamps has increased across the globe so I wanted to investigate the validity behind it.

They look beautiful was just not enough of a reason for me to own one so I investigated and found lots of evidence about how they work and why they are beneficial to any household.

7 Reasons Why Every House Needs a Salt Lamp

 1. Creates a soothing surrounding:

benefits of salt Lamp
Create a soothing surrounding

Salt lamps come in various sizes and they provide a cozy ambiance to any room.

They come in different colors. The color preference is a personal choice.

When the salt lamps are larger, they have a bigger and broader ionization process.

You can decorate the room to have a soothing and pleasant ambiance or try to balance the ions by spreading multiple salt lamps around your living space.

Having one next to the bed also gives you great comfort and if it is an orange salt lamp, then it gives dim lighting that might be just what you need in case you’re looking for a light source in your room while asleep.

2. Provides air cleaning effect:

Himalayan salt lamp benefits

Himalayan Salt lamps clean the air using a process called hygroscopy.

Hygroscopy is the process by which a substance attracts water from the surrounding environment.

When water is absorbed, the impurities in the air are also absorbed and attracted towards the salt.

This a great and natural way to get clean and odorless air.

Add along with plants to create a nice clean air environment.

3. Enables better sleep

sleep salt lamp
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In this digital age, we are living in a sea of electromagnetic radiations.

Every gadget does solve a human problem but emits a whole lot of radiations.

I don’t feel that we understand fully how harmful are the effects of these radiations.

Many doctors’ today advice not to have electronic gadgets in the bedrooms since the gadgets emit electronic radiations.

Constant exposure to electronic gadgets increases the stress levels and affects sleep.

Himalayan Salt Lamps emit negative ions which neutralize the environments by pairing with the radiations.

Since the negative ions help reduce the radiation effects, you are bound to get better sleep.

4. Reduces stress levels

Credit: 5HP/Shutterstock.com

Salt lamps emit soothing light which helps to reduce your stress level.

Also, as noted in point # 4, salt lamps enable better sleep.

And when the quality of your sleep is improved, then recovery speed increases and stress decreases.

Simply add a salt lamp to your office or your work station in order to benefit from its stress relief benefits.

5. Increases energy levels

salt lamp
Increase your energy while at work.

Negative ions generated by the salt lamp are GREAT for the human body.

They help to improve the blood flow to the brain which gives you a sharp mind and improves your overall physical health.

Many times people sitting in front of the computer feel tired and fatigued.

It is better to keep it near your computer desk so that the radiations generated by the computer are reduced by the ionization process from the lamp and hence your energy level is increased.

Levoit Cora, has this amazing office desk lamp that I simply adore:

6. Enhances performance and concentration

Agate and Himalayan Salt Lamps |© Andrew and Annemarie

When exposed to negative air ions, blood and oxygen supplies increase in the brain which enhances overall performance.

Adding a Himalayan salt lamp is a great way to improve your concentration.

They also provide a boost in the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is known as “the happiness molecule” leading to increased states of flow and focus. 

7. Provides other benefits

Provides other benefits

In addition to the amazing benefits I mentioned above, the lamp’s ability to clean the air have helped people with respiratory problems recover from the breathing disorders.

And, in many cases where people are being treated for asthma; salt lamps are used to cleanse the air.

In addition, the color of the lamp also plays a major role in our health.

Like the pink lamp stimulates emotions and love. The orange lamp helps the nervous systems. The red lamp promotes blood circulations and strengthens the heart.

How to use different colors in different rooms?

  • Orange lamps are perfect for study rooms
  • Pink lamps are great in living rooms or bedrooms
  • Red lamps work nicely at doorways or dining rooms

Check these amazing colors:

So in essence, salt lamps provide a new source of lighting that has tons of other benefits.

Are you going to giving them a try?

If you already use one, please let me know about your thoughts in the comment section below!

With love and light!

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