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FREE Group Life Coaching with ZANE BAKER:

One of the TOP FREE services I offer for the public is my FREE Life Coaching Facebook Group and Community. Join by clicking on the image below:

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Meditation Transformation Course

Join my BEST SELLING course at Udemy that have helped 100s start and Master their Meditation Practice. Since 2007, I have vowed to serve the public through courses and services that can help people expand and grow, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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The Meditation Transformation  Mindfulness for Beginners Udemy Zane Baker Services

Sonic Reiki Meditations:

A series of 8 meditation to create a major energy and life shift.

Coming soon.

Why Work With Zane?

Zane Baker is a Transformational Coach & Inspirational Speaker. Co-Founder of The Valhalla Mind Institute.

Creator of The Unstoppable Transformational Program, The Valhalla Institute Newsletter, and The ZaneBaker Facebook Community, one of the most active self-growth and spiritual personal development Facebook Pages with over 800,000+ followers and growing.

In his daily life, Zane serves thousands of people with his meditation courses, crystal healing shows and live events on Facebook. 

His mission to transform, educate and motivate has inspired the masses and landed him on the top of the personal development category of the Huntington Post.

His contribution has been featured on The Spirit Science, The Change Your Thoughts Blog, and many other media platforms.