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Hi, my name is Zane and I am so thrilled to share with you all the ways I get to serve you with courses, energy healing & angel reading services and lots more, so let’s dive in!

Heart-Centered Services:

1. FREE Group Life Coaching with ZANE BAKER

One of the TOP FREE services I offer for the public is my FREE Life Coaching Facebook Group and Community. Join by clicking on the image below:

Inside the “I am Unstoppable” Facebook group, I along with my best friend and partner Geoffrey Hand, we coach and mentor people for free on the art of stress release, meditation, and transformation.

We incorporate mindfulness, energy healing, and crystals into our teachings. The Tribe is at 18,000 members and growing, so I hope I get to see inside the group soon. Please join by clicking on the giant picture at the top of this post that says join now.

Heart-Centered Services:

2. Wellness and Energy Retreats

Retreats hold a very special space in my heart as they are one of the ways I get to work with people in person.

Geoff and I host retreats in Carefree and Sedona Arizona on a regular basis as its one of these services that touch the lives of millions.

As an energy practitioner and mentor, I realized that no two people are the same, which is why I personally custom-design each of our Carefree and Sedona wellness retreats to meet the specific issues, needs, timing, and budget of each given individual.

Having been blessed to work with so many people over the years, I noticed recurring themes in the lives of the students we worked with and the retreats help those who participate to breakthrough in these areas.

The Themes Are:

  1. Lack of Purpose or Drive
  2. Feeling Lost or Unclear
  3. Being Emotional/Mentally Drained
  4. Feeling the Urge to Expand Consiouslly
  5. Spiritually Disrerss “Lack of Peace and Clarity in Life”

These are the most common themes but there are others that I can only uncover by working with people in person. If you’re on a mission to reach your highest potential and feel the urge to expand mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, then please jump on a quick call with me and let’s see how I can help you.

Book a FREE call with me below:

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Heart-Centered Services:

3. Meditation Transformation Course

Join my BEST SELLING course at Udemy that has helped 100s start and Master their Meditation Practice. Since 2007, I have vowed to serve the public through courses and services that can help people expand and grow, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The Meditation Transformation was the brainchild of that vow.

A Special Discount for my course already applied ONLY FOR MY BLOG READERS, Click the image below to Join the Meditation Transformation Video Based Course.

The Meditation Transformation  Mindfulness for Beginners Udemy Zane Baker Services

4. Angelic Readings

Do you have burning questions about certain situations in your life and don’t feel like you have access to anyone to talk to about these kinds of spiritual, financial or love-related questions? Having an angel reading can be a great way to gain clarity and insight into all kinds of different life scenarios and challenges.

I am a certified angel reader and I have been blessed to have given well over 500 readings and counting.

If you’d like to get a reading, please visit the Get A personalized reading page and join the Divine Angel Circle to get daily readings, crystal meditations, and many other divine tools all in one place guided by me personally <3

Heart-Centered Services:

5. Sonic Reiki Meditations

A series of 8 meditations to create a major energy shift that’ll enable you to increase your manifestation powers.

Tibetan bowls infused with Reiki energy and binaural beats, simply put, it’s a Divine Way to expand your consciousness.

To get your hands on these 8 meditations today at a special early bird rate, please start first by grabbing your Free mindfulness track below and follow the rest of instructions:

Mindfulness to Raise Your Vibration

>> Sonic Reiki 8 Meditations <<

6. The Igniters Movement

A 3 months coaching program mentored and guided by Zane Baker, Geoffrey Hand, and Nick Matthews.

The first session launched Oct 1st, 2019, with the first group of igniters leading the charge of transforming their mind, body, and spirit through the science of subconscious reprogramming and the art of energy medicine.

To join the next class, please join here:

My mission is to help you reach your highest potential personally and professionally. I will teach you all about mindfulness, wealth mapping, and other energy practices so you can have more love and zest for life than ever before. Helping you be full of energy to go after your big goals and to live the results that you seek through the art of heart-centered purpose-driven practices. Consider this site your home for everything inspiring, uplifting and transformational. Welcome to the UNSTOPPABLE Zone. Luv, Zane.

Why Work With Zane?

Zane Baker is a transformational coach, inspirational speaker, and retreat and event planner. Co-Founder of The Indigo Company.

Founder of The “I am Unstoppable” Transformational Group, The Valhalla Institute Newsletter, and The ZaneBaker Facebook Community, one of the most active self-growth and spiritual personal development Facebook Pages with over 840,000+ followers and growing.

In his daily life, Zane serves thousands of people with his meditation courses, Ho’oponopono prayers, crystal healing shows on Facebook, and live events in Carefree and Sedona, Arizona.

His mission to end human suffering through the art of transformation has landed him at the top of the personal development category of the Huntington Post.

His contribution has been featured on The Spirit Science, The Change Your Thoughts Blog run by the legendary Steven Aitchison, and been featured on many other media platforms like Udemy and Home of Entrepreneurs.

zane baker be successful 7 chakras

Thank you all for trusting me as your guide and mentor!

Much luv!

Wellness Retreat Services

What services do we offer in our wellness retreats?

Our mindfulness training, Ho’oponopono prayers, affirmation techniques, emotional freedom tapping “EFT,” and other wellness practices are what make our wellbeing retreats perfect for anyone looking to relieve themselves of mental and emotional burdens. Harmony through self-healing and reflection is crucial for the wellness of all people, and we want to help everyone; we can achieve this inner balance. 

Here are some of the services our retreats in Arizona offers:

Mindfulness Training

Meditation is at the core of what we do, and part of our meditation-based Arizona wellness retreats is training you on how to relax and be mindful of the present. In as little as five minutes a day of meditation, you can achieve much higher levels of relaxation and mental energy. 

Our mindfulness practice is simple, yet highly effective. We don’t want to overwhelm people with fancy techniques and terms, because simple methods are what works best to help you learn and achieve lasting results. Our mindful meditation sessions at our Carefree and Sedona spa wellness retreats are an easy but extremely effective way of creating positive mental energy and self-awareness for yourself. We care about what’s right for you, and we don’t want to waste your time on cheap gimmicks. These time tested, simple, honest techniques for mindfulness used in our spiritual retreats in Arizona are exactly what your mind and body need, with no excessive bells and whistles. 

Ho’oponopono Prayers

This ancient form of prayers comes from the deeply spiritual Hawaiian culture. This form of prayers is known to help restore harmony within the self, and with Others.

The Ho’oponopono prayer is an act of forgiveness that leaves all who practice it with a sense of peace and transformation simply by reciting the four phrases mantra that goes as follows:

I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

During our Carefree and Sedona Wellness Retreats, we spend a great deal of time teaching our students the art of Ho’oponopono Prayers. Zane Baker, the main teacher of this form of healing modality, is a certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner and has been trained by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len in the transformational art of this sacred and ancient Hawaiian form of prayers.

This is a simple yet profound forgiveness practice that can truly transform your way of being.

Affirmation Meditation

A crucial part of our meditation at our Sedona spiritual retreats is affirmation of self. We firmly believe that to become your best self, you must first believe you can be, and understand your personal, spiritual value in this world. You are important, you are beautiful, and you are part of a higher spiritual calling that we can help you to realize. 

We want you to unlock high self-esteem and mental balance, and affirmation meditation at our Arizona meditation retreat is an amazing way to do this. With affirmations such as “I am worthy,” “I believe in myself,” and “I can live better,” you will become confident enough to achieve your wellness goals with just a little time and dedication! 

Affirmations are our way of showing you how you deserve to live and feel well, as well as guiding you on the part to achieving this wellness, which means the world to us. 

Emotional Freedom Tapping Training

Whether you feel sad, anxious, depressed, or lethargic, emotional freedom tapping is a brilliant way to enhance your mental wellbeing, which we teach you in our Carefree and Sedona spa wellness retreats. 

Emotional freedom tapping at our Arizona wellness centers helps you to uplift yourself both mentally and physically, even helping with chronic pain. The healing concepts emotional freedom tapping derives itself from have been around for centuries and uses the body’s own energy to heal you. Your body has key meridian points, which we will teach you how to properly stimulate to reach your own potential for self-healing and energy renewal. 

Simply by tapping these key points in the right way, we can help you unlock a transformation that will fill your body with new, powerful life energy. 

Emotional freedom tapping creates a balance in your body that harmonizes negative disruptions within the body, mitigating painful and stressful symptoms such as aches, pains, or mental unrest. You deserve to bring yourself harmony, and at our Arizona wellness centers, that’s what we want for you. 

Overall, we’ll teach and help you develop a variety of mental and emotional self-healing techniques that will balance your inner spirituality, mental energy, and body as one. From affirmation based meditations to ancient Hawaiian practices to emotional tapping, and more, we are here to help you become the best you can be in mind, body, and spirit. 

Welcome Home!