7 Relationship Tips to Withstand the Test of Time

Relationship Tips Test of Time


Relationships are awesome!

The idea that you’re sharing happiness with someone sounds like a dream come true. That is, until you realize that a real long-lasting relationship is much more than that.

There comes a point where every serious relationship has to withstand the dreaded test of time.

Once you’re over the initial, exciting honeymoon phase, well… Things are about to get interesting, because now, the test of time begins.

Follow These 7 Simple Keys to Make Sure Your Relationship Will Withstand the Test of Time

1. Master the Art of Compromise

Relationship Tips Test of Time

As odd as it sounds, a relationship’s health is a direct reflection of the couple’s ability to compromise.

Wait! I know the word “compromise” might sound like a negative, but hear me out… It’s actually a great, essential aspect of any relationship.

The art of compromise is not about settling for less, it’s about keeping an open mind and an open heart for your partner’s feelings.

Despite the similarities connecting couples, we’re all fundamentally different, unique and beautiful beings… And that’s an absolutely amazing idea to think about!

Naturally, being so unique and amazing often brings up disagreements in a relationship, but this isn’t a bad thing throughout the test of time… If you’ve mastered the art of compromise, that is!

Okay, think about it this way:

Compromise is an act of love, not towards your partner, but towards the relationship.

It’s not about sacrifice, it’s about putting your partner’s and your priorities together, and figuring it out from there. It’s an act of love towards your relationship’s health and it’s fantastic future!

2. Always Be Truthful

Relationship Tips Truthful Test of Time

Honesty is pure goodness… And although it might hurt in the short term, you can rest easy knowing you’ve told the truth. Nothing’s healthier than the truth for a relationship going through the test of time.

Being truthful is all about being able to withstand immediate pain for future happiness.

It’s important to remain honest towards not only your partner, but yourself, too.

Now, It often seems much easier to lie though, maybe you’re trying to prevent your partner or yourself from getting hurt…

Don’t succumb to that temptation. Honesty in a relationship creates an environment where you can truly be yourself with your partner.

And nothing beats that!

Remember, be someone you can be proud of tomorrow.

3. Communicate!

Relationship Tips Test of Time

“Communication is key.”

Ever heard that before?

Same here, and for good reason! A healthy, long-lasting relationship is built on a foundation of great communication.

Seriously, communicating how you feel as soon as you feel it is super important to withstand the test of time with your partner. However, don’t be intimidated, communicating isn’t as hard as it might seem…

A good rule of thumb, as weird as it sounds, is to sit down with your partner every week or so, and just speak your heart out.

Talk about how you’ve been feeling, whether it be uneasy, sad, happy, ecstatic or anything in between, keep this up for maybe an hour to 90 minutes and watch your relationship drastically improve right before your eyes!

4. Be Intimate

Relationship Tips Test of TimeIntimacy is an essential part of any relationship withstanding the test of time. It’s important to keep it in mind, intimacy is a form of deep, true, pure love!

Even more than that, intimacy is a great way to build confidence and love within yourself and your partner. If that doesn’t sound great for a long-lasting relationship, I don’t know what does!

Something’s got to be said about the link created in a couple that can be comfortable with each other intimately, it’s super important!

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, it might seem hard to be intimate, but make the most of your time together.

Being intimate with your partner is healthy for any serious relationship, and it’s key to withstand the test of time.

5. Create Memories Together

Relationship Test of Time Little Things

It’s important to keep a positive attitude towards your relationship and acknowledge the spice of life!

Have fun with your partner, creating life-long memories together is an amazing, unique experience. But it’s more than that…

Memories remind us of why we’re with the person we’re with. The test of time will throw loads of hardship at your partner and yourself, memories are like… Glue! They hold your thoughts together.

In other words, having fond memories with your partner holds your love together! In addition, it also makes your relationship’s foundation even stronger.

Going through the test of time is much easier when you’ve got great memories to support your love!

6. Share Common Goals

Relationship Tips Test of Time

Having a life purpose and goals is one of the most important aspects of happiness and fulfillment.

Now… Imagine if you could share the happiness that chasing your dreams brings you with the love of your life!

Being able to find or define common goals with your partner can inspire incredible levels of cooperation and teamwork.

Needless to say, in a relationship teamwork makes the dream work! A foundation of cooperation makes withstanding the test of time much less difficult than it seems. Think about it!

If you’re able to work on things with your partner, and you’re driven by a common goal then.. Well, you’re golden!

Remember, your partner is someone you can confide in, someone you’re willing to commit your whole, entire being to. It’s only natural that you’re able to work together and cooperate towards bettering the relationship!

7. PersevereTest of Time Perseverance

In any endeavor, especially one as life-changing as committing to a relationship, perseverance is key.

Withstanding the test of time is absolutely not easy, but it can definitely be done with the right mindset… And that mindset is full-fledged perseverance!

Being in a long-lasting, loving relationship is about loving unconditionally, despite however you’re feeling. Remaining strong-willed is key to going through any hurdle with your partner. Perseverance is an absolute necessity!

Committing to living the rest of your life alongside another person is essentially tying your life to theirs. Strive to go through hardship together and believe me…

You’ll be unstoppable!

So remember to be open to the art of compromise, tell the truth, communicate always, be intimate, enjoy simple things, share goals, and last but not least to persevere (make love a given even in arguments).

To an everlasting and loving relationship!


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