7 Ways to Cope With Stress and Overwhelm

Overwhelmed? No worries! Read on as I share with you these 7 strategies that helped me cope with stress and overwhelm.

Deal With Overwhelm

How to Deal With Overwhelm With Grace and Come Out Triumphant?

Hello, Divine Being of Light!

Today I want to talk to you about the feeling of being overwhelmed.

I am sure you’re very familiar with the feeling, and if you’re not, then consider yourself lucky as it really doesn’t feel good to be overwhelmed.

So, guys, I am going to start with the bad news first.

The bad news is, overwhelm is inevitable!

Now that is out of the way, let’s move on to the awesome news!

The AWESOME news is there are ways to cope and overcome overwhelm!

Let me start by describing a day in my shoes…

To say my life is not busy would be utter B.S. and a lie, however, I prefer to say that my life is very productive instead of BUSY.

I’m a proud uncle for 2 nephews, one of them under the age of three that I am managing over zoom with the help of my mom – oh, and did I mention, I am doing that remotely as they reside in the United Kingdom.

O.M.G., I love those 2 boys! Check us out here:

On top of that, I have a portfolio of 7 Million Followers and growing across multiple platforms that expect high-quality content in many modalities “Videos, Posters, Blogs, Live Videos, Giveaways” on which 90% of that I produce myself.

Each week, I receive 1,000s of emails, and I take 15-30 advisory and coaching meetings.

Also, I publish 2 new blogs every week, and I manage a newsletter of 44 thousand active subscribers.

Additionally, I publish between 500-1000 pieces of original artwork on social media per month.

Sounds very overwhelming, doesn’t it?

Now that’s the overwhelming stuff!

Most people focus on what overwhelms them.

I choose to focus on the great things that I experience.

Things like:

  • I work from my lovely home office while looking at theRed Rocks of Sedona.
  • I exercise five times a week and get a quality sleep
  • I serve amazing people and transform their lives every single day

When I start to look at my life from that perspective, immediately things shift, and I can’t help but feel BLESSED!

Now when I first started on my journey, it was a different story; I was very stressed as there was so much to do and I was very new at this so overwhelm and stress were common.

Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever met a single person on my journey who hasn’t experienced the intense feeling of life’s overwhelm at one time or another.

Now what I learned throughout the years is that there are specific things that are almost guaranteed to help you manage your priorities and cope with the feeling of stress and overwhelm.

I know that you have probably read or heard the same overused and oversimplified advice time and again:

Advice like:

  • Get 7-9 hours of sleep
  • Workout
  • Meditate
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Take naps.

Sounds like great advice, but NOT really very helpful.

Here are 7 ninja ways that had really kept me on track when life got hard and overwhelm peaked its ugly head.

1. Always Remember Your Why

The why is the driver that will help you stay focused.

My why is to transform lives each and every day. I get to do that daily, and I love it.

So when life’s shitstorm comes, that’s when I anchor myself in my WHY and remind myself of the purpose that I am serving.

That gives me the energy to get up and go after my goals, especially on days when all I wanted to do is to recluse with a really good book and drink bulletproof coffee.

2. Declutter Your Life

Clutter robs us of our vital energy.

It’s like a vampire that is constantly plugged in and costing you your health and wellness.

So, donate that pile of books that you know you won’t read, throw out the garbage, and dispose of unimportant papers. Turn off email alerts, Facebook and other social media and smartphone push notifications that serves no purpose other than causing you to trigger your overwhelm and stress triggers.

In other words, eliminate pointless physical and digital junk that clutter your surroundings, and you will start to feel better almost immediately.

3. Pay Attention To Your Circle of Influence

Those are the top 5 people you spend most of your time with.

They could be family members, relatives or friend, or even employees or co-workers that you spend most of your time with.

Ask yourself these questions about those 5 people:

  • Are they complainers or go-getters?
  • Do they bring your best qualities or negative ones?
  • Are they causing you stress or helping you release it?
  • Do they focus on finding solutions or assigning blame?

By answering this honestly, you’ll have a good feel of your current reality.

4. Give Your Brain a Break

The best way to give your brain a break is to have a brain dump day.

Get a journal, a cup of joe, and just sit down and write down everything you’re working on.

All thoughts, ideas, plans, important dates, meetings.

Give your mind a break by emptying your brain.

5. Switch Up Your Surroundings

This is one of my favorites as the mind loves seeking novelty.

Last year I was so nomadic that I was hopping around the entire state of Arizona using Airbnb to explore different parts while running my coaching and lifestyle business from my computer.

You might not want to hop around your entire state or country, but you sure can go to Starbucks once a week or go with your P.C. to patio or balcony instead of working from your desk or home office.

6. Keep Track of Your Wins

When life is rough, and things seem gloomy, it’s really important that you practice gratitude.

And gratitude alone is not enough as during these times; it’s vital that you keep track of your daily wins.

It really doesn’t matter how big or small those win are.

By focusing on what’s working, you attract more of that!

And even if you have no wins to put down, remember that just being alive is a BIG WIN, to begin with.

7. Keep a Goal Journal

This is so huge that I wrote an entire article about its importance, please go here to check it out.

I keep track of my goals and break those goals too small ones.

I started using Brendon Burchard’s goal journal at the beginning of the year, and so far, I LOVE it. Please read my full review of the journal here.

So in conclusion, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, then you’re not alone.

Many people felt this way at one time or another.

But now you have some solid strategies that you can implement to stay focused and to keep overwhelm at bay.

Much Luv,


P.S. Please share your thoughts with me in the comments <3

P.P.S. need help coping with stress, let’s connect on a call and see what we can do together. Please email me at zane.baker@valhallamind.com to learn more.

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