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Everyone has a story to tell.

If you’ve found yourself on the contribute guest blog page…I’d be totally surprised if you didn’t!

It’s highly likely that it was in your personal experiences where you found your strength and the energy that shaped who you are…that built your highly evolved self and that awakened you to living life with zest and passion.

So, if you enjoy sharing ideas, teaching, tips or inspiring the people around you, I encourage you to continue reading…

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A deeply passionate and compassionate person who LOVES sharing meaningful and powerful wisdom via information, tips, personal development and inspiration.

You DO NOT need to be a professional writer to submit an article at…we simply ask that you keep it real, authentic and provide immense value to the readers of

Ask yourself, what will the reader take away from my writing?

How will the reader improve his/her life by reading your article?

If you ENJOY teaching through your writing, we want to hear from you. topics include but not limited to:

Contribute Guest Post:

Writing is an art…

It’s very therapeutic…

And healing….

By writing and sharing your voice through your experience(s), you bring joy, love, light, and healing to the readers. site and staff are passionate about writers who want to spread their valuable life lessons and wisdom.

Please know that this isn’t a place to brag…but a place to share your authentic voice to lift the spirit of humanity…who will then in return want to share your article with others, as well.

SUBMISSION and REQUIREMENTS to Contribute Guest Post:


The images used in the article itself and the featured image must capture the attention of the readers on Facebook and social media.

Also, the image should relate to the article you’re submitting. The image must be high resolution, clear, with no logo or website address on the image itself.

Lastly and most importantly: You must have must THE LEGAL RIGHTS to use the photo. Recommended image size is 1,200 x 628.


First, the headline used for your contribute guest post should grab the attention of the readers on Facebook and Social Media.

Additionally, please review this article for tips: 19 Headline Writing Tips for More Clickable, Shareable Blog Posts


As a contributor to we want you to share your authentic voice. So, we encourage you to write engaging posts that the reader find interesting and fun. Articles that keep up the momentum going from opening paragraph to closing paragraph get the most likes and shares on social media.

Remember…while we want to publish articles on this site, we also want to help you share your voice and message through the social media channels, inspire readers across the internet…and transform the world in the process. Please, NO SALES pitches about your services in Contribute Guest Posts or blogs.


In order to contribute, please submit your written article to with the Subject Line: “ARTICLE SUBMISSION”.

Also, please Include a short bio with one link where you want our readers to find you (website, product or service). In addition, we encourage you to add your professional Facebook PAGE (not personal profile).

Unless requested, we will use the profile picture from your Facebook profile for the blog post. Lastly, please note that by submitting an article, it DOES NOT guarantee automatic publication.


Submission of an article will automatically assume your consent to minor editing (if necessary or needed). will credit you as the author/writer/contributor. Oncea gain, Submission of a written article DOES NOT automatically assume its publication/distribution.


Once your article is approved, it will get published. Then, we request that you as the author to share the link of your article/blog with your network through social media channels, email list, RSS Feed, etc…and commit to at least one share via Facebook.

If you feel good about your abilities as a contributor and you enjoy writing…then, you’re on the right track and I look forward to hearing from you!

With love, light and joy,

CEO and Founder,

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