4 Reasons You Need a Goal Journal

Keeping a Goal Journal Benefits


Goals are awesome!

It’s a simple truth that we, as people, are meant for greatness.

There’s nothing standing in your way! One of the most effective ways of making sure you reach those goals is keeping a goal journal.

Before we get into it, let me explain what personally define a goal journal as.

Essentially, a goal journal is a bed-side journal where you write your goals every day.

Whether you write them once or twice daily is up to you… The point is, you’re writing your goals daily.

Okay, so, if you’re a fan of manifestation or the law of attraction and you don’t see the value in keeping a goal journal…

Well, you’re about to change your mind.

4 Reasons You Need to Keep a Goal Journal

1.Subconscious ReprogrammingGoal Journal Subconscious

This might seem weird, and well… It sure is! But wow, the impact a goal journal can have on your subconscious “programming” is unbelievable.

But before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s talk about what subconscious programming is…

As human beings, we largely operate in two different “modes”.

The first is the conscious mind, or mindfulness, and the second is the subconscious program. According to Bruce Lipton, one of the world’s leading biologists seeking to “link the science and the spirit”, a normal person’s waking time is split in this way:

5% Conscious mind, 95% Subconscious programming

In other words, you’re only chasing your dreams a measly 5% of the time! Now if that doesn’t sound unfortunate, I don’t know what does.

But here’s the kicker, there’s a way around this!

You guessed it, I’m talking about subconscious reprogramming! 

If you can alter what your own body defines as “automatic behavior”, you’ll start naturally working towards your goals.

Keeping a goal journal is a fantastic way to make your dreams and wishes seep into your subconscious mind. In a similar vein to lucid dreaming journals, by the sheer power of repetition, you’ll just naturally believe that your goals are reality.

If that’s not enough to convince you, just wait and see…

2. Increased MotivationGoal Journal Motivation

That’s right, keeping a goal journal will definitely increase your motivation!

It’s unbelievable how much of an impact it can have. Personally, my motivation skyrocketed shortly after I began using my goal journal.

It literally blew me away.

Now, my theory as to why this happens is pretty simple.

My guess is, as you reprogram your subconscious, the negativity in your thoughts starts to fade away. It’s replaced by sheer, awesome motivation!

This is probably the number one reason it’s so useful to keep a goal journal, you’re going to be happier. As your subconscious mind begins to accept the reality that you’re achieving your goals…

Well, the lack of motivation caused by negativity doesn’t have a place in your life anymore!

What you’re doing is literally making yourself believe that you’re successful. Which beautifully segways into my next point!

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3. Greater Manifestation PotentialGoal Journal Manifestation Law of Attraction

The very act of achieving a goal is a form of manifestation.

Seriously, when you manifest a thought, what you’re doing is setting the forces of the universe in motion towards the end of rewarding you.

I’m sure you know, but the law of attraction works both ways, if you’re negative, negative things happen, but if you’re positive, great things happen!

In that case, wouldn’t it make sense to do everything you can to manifest your most important life goals?

You got it!

Keeping a goal journal is an incredibly effective way to boost your ability to manifest abundance and any other dreams you may have! There’s not much to it, too, it’s as easy as writing a sentence every day when you wake up.

The return on investment of keeping a goal journal is HUGE! I would even consider it harmful against yourself to not keep a goal journal.

One last tip before we get on to the last, awesome tip… If you want to supercharge your connection to the universe, read your goals throughout the day. It makes a big difference, but it’s not necessary.

Next up is an unexpected effect keeping a goal journal had for me, it’ll blow you away!

4. Increased Self-ConfidenceGoal Journal Confidence

Didn’t expect that, did you?

Would you believe that doing something as simple as keeping a goal journal could have a massive impact on a trait as fundamental as self-confidence?

It shocked me too!

As odd as it sounds, my confidence increased and I think I finally understand why exactly that happens.

Everything is connected.

Becoming more in sync with your destiny through incredible manifesting potential, improved motivation and subconscious reprogramming… They all affect something even more fundamental than confidence.

Could you guess what I’m talking about? That’s right, self-image.

It’s one of the two biggest traits that lead to success (the other being mindset)… Naturally, self-image affects self-esteem, and that in turn massively boosts confidence!

Say goodbye to that fear of speaking your heart and mind or that fear of failure or of risk-taking… With a goal journal, you’re taking a great step towards becoming the great, confident person you’re meant to be!

To wrap it all up, keeping a goal journal essentially makes everything even loosely related to achieving goals way better. 

One last tip, write down your goals as if you’ve already achieved them, it’ll make a big difference in your mindset!



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