Welcome to my collaboration page – I look forward to serving you and your mission!

On this page, you’ll find details about my collaboration opportunities and how can I be of service to you and your mission:

1. Public Speaking Engagements:

zane baker with lurn
Zane Baker Speaking At A Transformational Event.

I have been blessed to have spoken on many stages sharing my journey of overcoming fear and triumphing with freedom as a public speaker.

From my small upbringing in the streets of Baghdad, Iraq – all the way to creating and running a 7-figure business, I share it all with you!

I am an open book and I believe that we all learn from each other, especially if we give ourselves permission to be authentic and share with openness and vulnerability.

Additionally, I inspire the masses to lead a life of purpose and service with my weekly FB Lives and Blogs. I hope I get to see you on one of my Live Facebook Shows <3

Read Zane’s full story here.

For inquiries, please email me at: with the subject line: Speaking Engagement.

2. Healing Retreats:

I had the honor and the privilege to guide 100s of Divine Souls via my 1-on-1 soul adventure and group retreats in the State of Arizona.

These retreats take place in Carefree and Sedona, both are magical places in The Valley of The Sun State and are simply the perfect way to re-ignite your life.

Check out this collage of the last adventure we had:

sedona retreat center
Soul Retreats In Sedona, AZ

If you’re feeling stuck, or simply feel the urge to reset your life, your mind, body, and spirit then a Healing Retreat is a MUST!

Connect with me below to explore if a Retreat is a right thing for you:

3. Heart-Centered Business Coaching and Consulting Help:

I have coached 1000s of students either in person or via online group coaching.

Triangle of Service collaboration Zane Baker Retreats
Let’s connect!

I also had the honor to mentor entrepreneurs who wanted to create purpose-driven heart-centered businesses using The Triangle of Service Business Model.

Connect with me on a 30 Minutes Call and let’s see what kind of magic we can create together! Collaboration via coaching and consulting services with me is 1-on-1. This is for you and your business only and you’ll have direct access to me directly.

Email me at to request a free call with me. I look forward to connecting with you!

4. Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop:

Another way to serve you is through my Meditation & Crystals Workshops.

I have been blessed to create the Best Selling Course “The Meditation Transformation” On Udemy that garnered lots of positive feedback from participants.

Get Your Blog Reader Discount Below:

To Help You Stop Caring What Others Think About You.

Looking to train your team or organization on how to be more mindful?

Then contact me to learn about group ratings and in-person events.

When it comes to collaborating together, the possibilities are limitless.

My flexible yet applicable approach has enabled me to serve both personal and business organization.

I am very passionate about the Human Potential Movement and I look forward to serving you!

Connect with me and let’s see what kind of offer best suits your needs!