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Manifesting your heart desires is 100 percent possible but, where most people fail at is not having a rhythm to their manifestation process.

That’s why I created this 5 Step Easy To Follow Manifestation you must use ALL the steps.

1. Gain Clarity: Know what you want and be crystal clear why you want it in the first place.
2. Send The Request: By asking The Universe, God, Divine Spirit, Super Consciousness or whatever term you feel comfortable with.
3. Raise Your Vibration: Match your current vibrational state with your ultimate goal and start taking action that’s aligned with your goal.
4. Trust The Process: Or as one of my favorite mentors and friends Jeremy Bellotti Says: TTP or #TTP
5. Clear all resistance and make room for manifestation by letting go of the attachment to the manifestation in the first place. I know sounds counterintuitive but hey TTP after all :)

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