5 Positive Affirmations For Inner Peace and Joy

Positive Affirmations for Inner Peace and Joy

When it comes to being happy, satisfied and joyful in life, we’ve just got to talk about the absolute power of affirmations.

Before we dive into the awesome list of 5 affirmations for inner peace, we’ve got to explain how to effectively use affirmations.

Using affirmations might seem deceptively simple, but beware!

Keeping your thoughts at the surface, “simple” level with affirmations could very well turn them into boring, monotonous routines.

Using affirmations is not repeating the same thing over and over again. Affirmations must carry meaning.

Make sure to repeat affirmations once or twice a day, preferably in the morning and before going to bed. Make sure to really get into itYou shouldn’t speak them like any other sentence throughout your day. Speaking an affirmation is projecting a true thought into the formless substance that is God, the universe and the world around you so that it may manifest into reality.

Now that that’s all said and done, let’s get into the list of 5 incredible affirmations for inner peace and joy!

5 Affirmations for Inner Peace and Joy

1. I don’t need others to be positive, I create my own joy.

This is a very powerful affirmation to start the day with. Think about it! If the first thought that pops into your mind is that you’re able to create your own happiness, what else do you really need?

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The simple truth is that happiness has to come from within you, and nowhere else. Although it might seem simplistic, starting your day with an affirmation of inner positivity is a great way to develop a sense of balance and inner peace within you.

2. I am infinitely grateful for my fulfilling life.

Bear with me here! Even if you aren’t exactly where you want to be or doing what you want to do in life, use this affirmation.

Inner peace and joy are a consequence of fulfilment, right? With that said, the trouble lies in becoming fulfilled in the first place. How do you live a fulfilling life?

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The secret is to “fake it till you make it.” Manifesting something amazing in your life starts with accepting that you can. This is the reason this affirmation of gratitude is super important!

3. I am at ease knowing I’m doing what I want in life.

In the same vein as affirmation #2, this affirmation serves you by getting you into the mindset that you’re already doing what you want to do.

There’s no better way to actually get to where you want to be. Seriously, ask any super successful person, I’m certain most of them will say that they firmly knew that they would accomplish something great before even starting. This affirmation helps you do exactly that. For inner peace, you’ve got to be able to be at ease doing what you’re doing.

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Just like manifesting, believing, with deep and heartfelt meaning, that you’re where you want to be, is key.

4. Positive energy is constantly flowing within and around me.

Okay, one thing’s for sure. Everything is about vibration. This positive affirmation for inner peace allows you to raise your vibration by shifting the energy within and around you into positivity.

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We’ve got an impact on the world around us, that’s exactly what manifestation is. This affirmation makes sure that whatever the impact we’re having, it’s going to be a good one!

5. I am constantly manifesting positivity and peace in my life.

This is a fantastic one to top the list off!

The law of attraction is constantly working, and affirmation #4 made sure that whatever it does ensure a positive impact on your life.

This affirmation is more directly influencing the environment around you by straightforwardly asking the universe for inner peace.

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This affirmation is, in and of itself, an exercise of manifestation that leads positivity, happiness and joy in your life. Make sure you use it in combination with the fourth affirmation!

There you have it!

Those were 5 incredible positive affirmations for inner peace.

Remember to repeat them religiously if you really want to see a difference.

Personally, I would start by writing them down and repeating them once or twice in the morning, and once or twice right before going to bed. Both of those times signal the start of either sleep, where our subconscious is starting to wake up, or the day, where our conscious is starting to wake up.

The point of affirmations is to alter your programming, so that you end up living a life of positivity! There’s nothing more I’d wish for you than that.


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