How To Turn A Funky Day Around In 15 Minutes Or Less?

Do you want to be able to bulldozer through funky days and get unstuck? Keep on reading.

How to Turn A Funky Day Around In 15 Minutes Or Less?

Having A Funky Day? Here Is What To Do…

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Today I’m going to share with you not one, but five ways to really utilize whenever you’re having a funky day!

Guys, having a funky day is something that happens, so stop being too hard on yourself and learn ways to make the best out of your situation.

But before I share the five ways, check out this video that I created on the topic of turning things around:

Now, let’s dive to the five ways to change a funky day in 15 minutes or less!

1. Acknowledge The Big Elephant In The Room

change a funky day

The first thing you get to do is simply acknowledge that you’re human and that you’re allowed to have a funky day. 

Most people pay too much attention to why they are having a funky day, and they give it so much energy. 

And before they know, they turn the feeling of funk into the emotion of funk and consequently into the lifestyle of funk. 

And BAM!

They’re living a funky life. 

So The first thing I invite you to do is acknowledge that you’re simply just having a funky day, not a funky life. 

2. Change The Scenery 

say goodbye to a funky day

The second thing that I invite you to do whenever you’re in a funk is to break the monotony. 

Anytime we’re in a funk; there is a very, very, very good chance that we are doing something monotonous.

Are you stuck in a cycle?

Are you continuously doing the same thing again and again?

My best recommendation for you is to change your environment. 

So, if you are working in an office environment, tidy things up and give your space a facelift, even better go to a conference room, or sit outdoors if weather permit and keep working on your task. 

And for those who work from home, take your computer or whatever you need, and go to Starbucks or the library. 

Just do something that changed just the monotony. 

3. Have A Date With Mother Nature

Living your dream life is not as difficult as you may think . If you are ready to stop settling and to start thriving, then follow these 5 steps to build your dream life.

This one is enjoyable and one of my favorites. 

I do this whenever I feel funky and low on energy.

You don’t have to be fancy and have the best hiking gears and go on a week-long adventure. Simply go outside.

When you’re feeling funky, the energy within you became stagnant, so get moving!

Go on a walk outdoors to lift your mood and spirit.

And guys, I know that sometimes going on a walk and in nature in specific is not that easy of a task.

But trust me when I tell, it’s worth the investment.

Being out in nature is so healing. 

When you’re out in nature, you oxygenate your body with pure oxygen. 

Also, nature is full of negatively charged ions. 

Finding an environment with a negative charge is hard nowadays.

Pollution causes the environment to be filled with positive ions. 

Most people spend the majority of their time indoors where there’s a lot of positive ions produced by pollution from light and the EMF emitted from all the electronics we use. 

When you’re out in nature, on the other hand, especially when you’re out in the woods, or a park, or by a lake or a mountain, you get yourself energized. 

You feel energized because nature’s negative ions balance the positive ions that are charging your body. 

Being balanced is also called being grounded. Please read my article on grounding here.

say goodbye to a funky day
How To Ground?

So in essence guys, whenever you’re feeling funky, get a bottle of water and go on and have a date with nature.

4. Time To Fill Your Cup

I love this one!

Anytime I feel like I am in a major funk, I immediately start to fill my cup.

What do I mean by that? 

It means that I go and do something nice for myself. 

I do myself to keep it simple; my top two go-to’s are taking a crystal bath or getting a massage. Check out this crystal bath:

Each one of us might fancy a different thing.

So, whatever your thing is, go and do it!

Most of the times, when you are in a funk, it’s because you’re doing so much, and mostly so much for others. 

You’re working hard at your jobs. 

Taking care of your kids. 

You’re working hard at school.

So carve some time for yourself and do something that refills your energy cup.

5. Feed Your Soul

a funky day

I saved the BEST for last!

This one is my absolute favorite, and I love it because it doesn’t require you to do anything other than just put your earbuds on and play some music. 

Music is very, very, very, very healing. 

Did I mention that music is VERY healing 🙂

Music is very inspirational, it fills you from the inside out and above all, it feeds your soul.

Sometimes when we are feeling funky, there’s a lot of pent up energy that is just trapped in the body. 

So my invitation to you today that whenever you have a funky day to simply put some earbuds on and listen to your favorite music.

Furthermore, whenever I have a really funky day, I just bust a move!

Here’s my favorite getting an unfunky playlist, listen to it below:

Whenever I feel out of sort or my low on energy, I just simply go and play this playlist and dance my butt off.

Yep, I am one of those weird people who just dance on their own and sometimes in public too.

Trust me; I still get looks like I am nuts but guess what I’d rather people think I’m nuts yet I’m functioning to the highest of my potential rather than being sane yet fully drained, exhausted, tired, and funky.

So, in conclusion, guys, when it comes to your state of being, you always have a choice. 

You can be in a funk and remain in it, or you can get yourself out of the funk and indeed allow yourself to heal from the inside out. 

Alright guys, signing off with love and light. 

See you on the next post.

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