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First of all, we create, publish and curate the latest science-backed articles and videos on health and wellness topics.

Also, we hate hunting for info all over the internet so we want you to never have to wonder how to live and lead a life of wellness.

Therefore we publish content on topics, including but not limited to:

  • Dietary choices for longevity
  • Improving personal wellness and health and fitness goals
  • Achieving and maintaining a healthy figure/weight
  • Managing stress
  • Sleep and personal hygiene
  • Lowering the risk of infections and dis-ease
  • And Many more topics related to health and wellness

Disclaimer: As always when discussing these sorts of topics, let us clarify that we are no doctors, and this is in NO WAY considered as I or the authors on this site are giving you medical advice. We are sharing with you what worked for us. And, if you choose to use any recommendations given here, we advise you to take this to your doctor first. This info should be used as a compliment to a well rounded and holistic healthcare plan.


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