What Does Negative Thinking Do to Your Brain?

How Negative Thinking Changes and Affects Your Brain

Here’s How Negative Thinking is Changing Your Brain?

Science has proven that both positive and negative thinking has a direct impact on our quality of life.

It’s so direct, in fact, that the relationship between the thoughts we have and the emotional state we live in is a cause and effect system… In most cases (more on that later).

Now before we dive in to how negative thoughts impact us, let’s answer a more fundamental question… Why are humans so prone to negative thinking?

Why It’s so Easy to Be Negative

Believe it or not, there’s actually an evolutionary reason why it’s so easy to slip into negative thought patterns.

Now, I truly believe in learning through experience and examples…

So picture this:

You’re a caveman or cavewoman… It’s dark and there’s a roaring storm, you’re cold, wet and tired.

You stumble upon a perfectly-sized cave you could take shelter in…

Which of the following should be your first thought:

  1. I can’t wait to stretch my legs by the fire and sleep!
  2. This is perfect!
  3. Are there any dangers? Is this a bear’s cave!?

Yep, if you answered “3,” evolution agrees!

As human beings, we have literally evolved to immediately detect possible threats and dangers.

negative thinking habits How to Help Yourself When Sadness Sets In
It is all too easy to fall into negative thoughts patterns. Learn how to work with your negative thinking so you can silence this nagging habit.

Literally, everything we perceive is passed through a subconscious filter we’re not even remotely aware of.

That filter is there, at its core, to prevent us from acting recklessly or facing danger.

It causes us to feel anxiety, worry, stress fear, and any other form of negative thinking…

Naturally, that subconscious filter was a key aspect of our survival as a species.

It’s important to be grateful it’s there!

However, on the other hand, human technology and society have evolved so quickly that our biology didn’t have time to catch up.

The subconscious filter didn’t really “get with the times,” to say the least.

What ended up happening is that subconscious filter began treating everyday events as threats.

In other words, we’re biologically prone to unnecessary negative thinking.

Here’s a book I highly recommend to Declutter Your Brain of Negative Thoughts:

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So we know why negative thinking happens so often…

Now it’s time to ask:

What Does Negative Thinking Do to Your Mind?

Eliminate Negative Thinking
Negative Thinking Affect on The Mind!

Negative thoughts are of an inherently lower vibration than positive thoughts.

It’s only natural that they inhibit our ability to be, well, happy.

The truth is, you can’t just “raise your vibration” instantaneously.

You GET to release negative emotions like stress and anxiety first.

To put it another way; trying to raise your vibration with lingering negative thinking is like trying your hardest to drive a car out of sticky mud.

You’re really going nowhere.

Let’s dig a little deeper and explore what happens inside the brain when we have a negative thought.

On a synaptic level, when you go through negative thinking, neurons fire together, eventually creating a synaptic connection.

In other words, consistently experiencing negative emotions builds a stronger and stronger pattern in your mind.

Neurons that fire together, wire together. 

– Donald Hebb, Psychologist

Now that’s not to say you can’t change those connections and rearrange your brain into a more positive system…

The secret is your innate ability to release negativity from your life and open your heart and soul to the wonderful possibilities of reality!

I Learned How to Open My heart to Love with Christie Marie Sheldon’s Remarkable Energy Clearing Method – Gain FREE Access Below:

Universe of Healing - Letting Go of Negative Thinking Patterns
Universe of Healing – Letting Go of Negative Thought Patterns

Now, with an open heart, to access that ability to rewire your subconscious mind gets a lot easier.

Here’s how you can do just that…

Rewiring Your Mind Away from Negative Thinking

Now, there are loads of different ways you can evolve your mindset from a state of “lack” and negative thinking to an abundant, positive one.

Between all of these methods, though, just one stands at the top!

This method which literally rewires your brain for positivity is not only the most effective way to do it but also the easiest and fastest.

Anybody can do it and achieve a mindset that regularly attracts abundance and joy to their life!

Ready to find out what that very special method is?

The BEST Method to Rewire Your Brain for Positivity

Affirmations and Meditation to Rewire Your Brain - Letting Go of Negative Thinking Patterns
Let Go of Negative Thinking Patterns and Rewire Your Brain for Positivity

This technique is without a doubt the absolute BEST to get rid of negative thinking and all its negative repercussions…

But although it’s simple, you get to do it right!

I’m talking about affirmation-based guided meditations.

Affirmations are some of the strongest tools we have to drastically alter the vibration that our subconscious mind exists in.

When used correctly as a way to guide a meditation session, affirmations become spectacular!

If you have the right affirmations and guidance to meditate properly, you can release the negativity stopping you from achieving your fullest potential!

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Now, let me explain how this works a little bit…

Meditation allows you to consciously open the door to access your subconscious mind.

This is exactly why affirmation-based guided meditation is so powerful.

When that door to your subconscious is open, your mind is open to fundamental changes in its neuroplastic structure.

In other words, by using meditations like this, you’re not only learning to reduce negative thinking but replace it altogether with positivity!

Imagine if your negative thoughts were instantly shifted to thoughts of a higher vibration, how would your day change?

How would your emotional state shift?

Now I don’t want to try doing that alone that’s why I can personally recommend this set of guided meditations.

how to cultivate self-love with meditation
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If you ever find yourself going through negative thinking, I truly think you’re going to love this meditation.

This self-love guided meditation is the perfect solution to shift your negative thoughts into positive ones.

Remember, you have a divine gift to be able to attract anything you wish to your life, but you can only do that when you’re consistently in a positive vibration.

Affirmation-Based Meditation is the best way to do that!

I hope you enjoy the guided meditation!


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