Emotional Addiction: What Is It and How To Identify It?

Have you heard the term emotional addiction?

Have you heard the term emotional addiction?

Well, Emotional Addiction is a thing!

I’ve dealt with it, and helped many others deal with it too!

First, emotional addiction just looks different from one person to another.

  • Some experience it as a form of debilitating fear
  • Others as being the victim type
  • Some as a lack of self-esteem
  • Others as being unlucky

And while knowing how emotional addictions looks and feels like is important, the better question to tackle is this:

How did we get addicted to these emotions in the first place?

Let me illustrate with a story…

Living with the same threat every single day conditions your brain to view the world as a harsh and unsafe place.

Humor me for a sec!

You work at a very demanding job…

You get to work, and as you enter the office, your boss immediately hounds you with a barrage of things:

  • You’re late…
  • Did you bring the report I asked for? You Forgot, didn’t you?
  • Any news from the client?

Your mind perceives these comments as threats and triggers your fight or flight response.

Emotional Addiction
The influence of Environment on Emotional Addiction

So now every day before you enter the door to the office, your mind and body start optimizing in case this event occurs again.

Which means right around the time you get to enter the office, your brain will fire the same brain circuits to help you deal with this danger that might await you at the office.

Now, live with this type of conditions long enough, and your brain starts to fire those same brain circuits for any occasion remotely close to it.

Examples of emotional reactions:

  • Late for an appointment, your brain fires…
  • Drop a cup and break it, your brain fires…
  • Oversleep, your brain fires…
  • Get a call from your spouse, your brain fires…
  • Text from your boyfriend or girlfriend or your kid, your brain fires…

When this occurs, you become controlled by your brain.

Your body, on the other hand, becomes addicted to the brain chemicals released during these events, and it starts to crave them.

When that happens, your body starts craving those chemicals.

So let’s stick with the example of you getting to a hectic office…

You come in, and one day the boss is not there yet…

While you might think phew, your body and brain are like, where is my fix?

That’s how emotional addictions work!

Once I learned that fact about Emotional Addiction, I became more aware of my environment.

  • I ended relations that were triggering me in a negative way
  • Moved to a more supportive environment
  • Started to pay attention to where I was being emotionally addicted in life and began to identify triggers and find solutions

Today, I want you to experience the freedom that comes from knowing what your body and brain are cravings.

So my invite for you today is to ask yourself these hard questions:

  • What person, situation, event are triggering your danger zones in your brain?
  • Is your environment at home and at work supportive of your mental wellbeing?
  • Are you living in fight or flight regularly?

If you answered YES to any of them, then it’s time to rewire your brain.

Expand Your Awareness About Emotional Addiction And Follow This Formula From Dr. Dispenza:

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With love, Light, and Gratitude!

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(H/T: Dr Joe Dispenza)

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