How to Cultivate Self-Love with Meditation?

How to Cultivate Self-Love with Meditation

Among all aspects of life, there is one factor that can mean a world of difference when it comes to your personal happiness… Self-love!

As human beings, we’ve got a desperately convoluted mind, so we’ve got to cultivate self-love with meditation and affirmations!

Meditation in and of itself is pretty simple.

All you’ve got to do is just sit back, relax, and focus.

Now, what you focus on depends on the meditation you’re doing!

Because there are a few different ways to meditate, but in our case, we’re going to focus on using affirmations for self-love.

But before we dive into the actual self-love meditation, let’s go over why cultivating self-love is such a fantastic idea!

How to Cultivate Self-Love with Meditation Zane Baker Special?

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Why Should You Cultivate Self-Love with Meditation?

The truth is, we live in a world that constantly bombards us with pressure to compare ourselves in tons of different ways to tons of different people.

Unfortunately, this hurts us much more than it helps us.

This is why we really need to cultivate our self-love with meditation and affirmations.

Society definitely doesn’t help us love ourselves!

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Self-love is a key aspect of becoming the person of your dreams!

On top of that, cultivating self-love helps you become more mindful of your life and surroundings. In other words, self-love is essential to achieving a state of bliss and mindfulness.

Naturally, both bliss and mindfulness are essential ingredients for a happy and fulfilling life.

Cultivating self-love is overall a really good thing. Now, how do we do it?

Cultivating Self-Love with Meditation?

how to cultivate self-love with meditation
How to cultivate self-love with meditation?
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For growing our self-love, meditation is by far the best tool we have.

However, if done alone, meditation cultivates mindfulness more than self-love!

So what can we do to cultivate self-love with meditation?

The secret lies in using affirmations while we meditate.

The combination of real, effective manifesting affirmations and meditation is unstoppable. The process would go a little something like this:

  1. Sit down in a dark space comfortably with an affirmation track playing (stick around for my recommendation!)
  2. Relax your body
  3. Take deep breaths in tune with the affirmation you’re listening to
  4. Watch as your self-love increases as if by magic!

Great! We went through the process, but unfortunately, there’s a little caveat…The hard part is finding those affirmations.

Although you could look online with resources like Youtube, there are a lot of affirmations out there that really just don’t work.

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The reason they don’t work is, simply put, they aren’t engineered to communicate a deep thought to your subconscious mind…

Communicating with your subconscious is the real purpose of this whole experience!

Wouldn’t you want to have affirmations that work?

Believe me, I’ve tried my fair share of affirmations, and there aren’t many I would wholeheartedly recommend, but there is one track I absolutely NEED to tell you about!

The Best Self-Love Meditation Out There

I personally know this amazing lady called Barbara Clark, she’s a master of crafting beautifully spiritual affirmations.

On self-love, she’s surpassed anything I could have ever expected.

Her affirmations come in the form of a guided meditation, so they’re simple to use, too.

Check out her Two-Part Meditation Track on Self-Love Here!

Personally, I use affirmations often, and I only want to share the best of the best with you.

There’s nothing out there that can match up to the wonders of Barbara’s guided meditations. She really knows what she’s talking about as a true expert.

So look no further!

Cultivating self-love is not only easy with her guided meditation, but it’s also enjoyable.

Give it a try and watch as you begin to love yourself more than ever!

Get the Two-Part Guided Meditation with Affirmations for Self-Love Now!  (Special Pricing For My Blog Readers Only)

I hope you’ll find it as valuable as I did, it’s a real hidden gem in the rough.

You’ll love it!


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