3 Steps to Meet that “Perfect Person”

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Meeting the one for you can sometimes seem like an impossible task, especially with all the “love gurus” out there trying to sell you their mystical secrets…

And how do you even know you’re really with “the one?”

The truth is, there is a surefire way to meet that perfect person, but it’s much less complicated than you might first imagine, believe it or not!

In fact, it’s so simple that I’m going to give you a simple, 3-step process that you can begin applying into your daily life starting literally right now.

But before we dive straight into the 3-step process, I just have to make one very specific thing clear with you…

When you find that perfect person, you’re NOT going to have a “perfect” life.

You won’t even be 100% happy.

I’m not here to sell you on a dream, but I want you to be able to find the person you should share your life with, the person that brings more meaning and joy into your life.

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Even when you find the perfect person, if you aren’t happy on your own, you won’t be happy with them.

Happiness starts with you, nobody else.

Keep that in mind when reading this post, your relationships will have troubles, you’ll have arguments and all that jazz, blah, blah…

But the difference is: you’re going to find MUCH more meaning to your life!

That’s something that only a true, real and meaningful relationship can give you.


Let’s dive in!

3 Steps to Meet the “Perfect Person” for You

1. Set a Goal

Find The One True Love

perfect person
The Perfect Person Goal Plan!

The first, and easiest step to manifesting that perfect relationship you’ve been looking for is to simply set a goal.

Using a goal journal, write down that you have a wonderful relationship with a partner that perfectly complements you!

Write it as though you already have it. The secret to manifestation, no matter what you’re manifesting, is to focus on the emotions of already having what you’re aiming for.

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In other words, imagine your life with that perfect person.

Ask yourself questions like: how do you feel? How do you spend your days? What your dates look like? Etc…

Answer these questions and write down a little statement every day, keep that goal journal close!

2. Deeply Visualize Your Life with “the One”

perfect person
Visualize The Perfect Person!

Following up from step 1 above, you’ve got to not only write your goals and experience those emotions, but spend real, actual time using your most important ability… Imagination!

It’s the greatest gift we humans all have, but we barely use it!

Imagination is equally the driving force behind innovation and invention!

Similarly, it’s a key aspect of manifestation.

When you imagine your life with the perfect person, focus on visualizing.

Really take a mental picture (or recording) of a regular day in your life in the perfect relationship.

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This is extremely important. Don’t skip over it!

It’s a key aspect of manifesting anything, but it’s so simple it’s often overlooked.

Visualization is often the missing ingredient, the reason people fail to manifest what they’re trying so hard to achieve… Don’t let that be you!

Visualize your relationship, but also visualize how you would feel when you’re away from your partner, and how wonderful it would be to see them again.

Visualize how you go about your regular day at work, at home, or anywhere in between.

The more “fleshed out” your visualization, the more likely it is to come true!

3. Stop Looking

perfect person
Finding Your Perfect Person!

The last of the 3 steps to finding the perfect person for you is, surprisingly, to just stop looking!

You don’t want to be impulsive and shove your way through life, you want to let it come to you.

Trust in yourself and trust in the universe, it has a weird way of bringing things to you.

So “go with the flow,” because you never know when that person might just pop up!

Now be careful!

I’m not saying you should do nothing.

If you’re not particularly happy in your life as-is, then there’s a decent chance you need to work on that first. Before you try to manifest the perfect person and the perfect relationship, you have to at least be at ease in your own life.

Now I know this is easier said than done, but if you really want to manifest anything, you have to have some clarity.

How can you have clarity if you’re constantly worried, right?

So… What’s the key?

How can you get “in tune” with the universe and open your heart and mind to manifesting that person into your life?

The key is mindfulness.

Practice mindfulness!

Make changes in your life to increase your ability to manifest, meditate and keep that goal journal handy, because they’re essential aspects of developing mindfulness!

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Once you’re living a more mindful life, manifestation becomes many, many times easier! You’re going to see opportunities to meet people that you would have never seen before as if by magic.

That’s the power of manifestation.


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