9 Signs You’ve Found “The One”

How to Know You're With

Love always starts as an infatuation, but once that wears off… How do you know if you’re really with “the one?”

Without a doubt, it’s tough to figure out if this is THE relationship you’re going to spend the rest of your life in.

But before we get into the 9 signs you’ve found the one, remember this:

A relationship is not a tree.

In other words, you can always improve and change the relationship!

You’re not bound by how things appear to be now. Instead, you’re able to take things into your own hands and make a real, significant impact.

With that being said, it helps to recognize the signs! Let’s get into it.

9 Signs That Show You’ve Found “The One”

1. You’re Focused on Each Other

Especially today, with all this ridiculous technology and an economy based on distraction… Receiving undivided attention is extremely rare!

That goes to show how when you find it easy to give your undivided attention, and likewise receive undivided attention, your relationship is built on a great, loving foundation!

2. You Respect Each Others Different Hobbies

I bet you didn’t expect different hobbies to be part of this list! Well, the truth is, a relationship is not built on the same hobbies.

Instead, it’s essential that both people’s hobbies are equally respected.

Showing and receiving curiosity when it comes to separate hobbies is a great sign! It means you’re likely with a person that’s genuinely interested in you. Likewise, you’re genuinely interested in them!

You don’t have to be so constricted to the point where you do everything together, that causes a very shaky relationship…

Instead, if your hobbies and interests are respected, and you respect your partner’s hobbies and interests, you’re in for a lovely relationship, and you’re probably with the one!

3. You Share A Common Dream

It’s a fantastic sign if, although you have some different hobbies, your ultimate life purpose aligns. What this really means is that your energies are, one way or another, aligned to a certain degree.

And that’s great!

Maybe you want to travel the world together, maybe you want to start a family, maybe you want to live abundant lives… What matters is that your partner’s dream aligns with yours. If that’s the case, you’re probably with the one!

4. You Criticize Each Other (In A Good Way)

The One Discussion

Another point you probably would never have guessed, right?

There’s a difference between a harsh, uncalled-for criticism and a helpful, constructive criticism.

In a loving, caring and meaningful relationship with the one, criticism is unbelievably useful.

If your partner is the one, they want the best for you, and they want you to live up to your potential! In that case, it only makes sense that they’re trying their hardest to help you improve yourself. 

Hey, you’re probably doing the same, and that’s perfectly okay, actually, it’s great! Being able to take criticism means you’re in a very well-founded relationship.

5. You’re Constantly On Each Other’s Mind

Let’s change it up with a pretty obvious point.

If you’re with the one, they’re probably constantly on your mind!

Similarly, you’re likely always on their mind, and that’s such a beautiful state to be in! You can’t get enough of each other, you’re madly in love even past the initial infatuation “honeymoon” phase. 

This is a great sign you’re meant to be together.

6. You Both Always Tell The Truth

9 Signs You've Found "The One"

As odd as it may seem, telling the truth is almost always the best decision.

If you’re in a relationship where it’s easy to tell the truth, and you always choose to do so, you’re with a great person!

Telling the truth is sometimes difficult or stressful, but in this scenario, you’ve built enough trust that you know you can tell the truth. 

This is so great because when you’re able to be 100% honest, you’re able to be 100% YOU!

7. Your Romance Never Dies

Although you’re with each other very often, still having room for romance and deeper, more intimate moments is a fantastic sign you’re in a healthy, long-lasting relationship with the one.

Although you often hear of this being characterized as a “spark” in a relationship… It’s much more of an ever-lasting bonfire!

In a true, loving and caring relationship, you’ll go through tough times, but that “spark” will never fade away. 

With everlasting romance, your relationship has nothing to fear!

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8. You Don’t Sulk About Problems

9 Signs You've Found "The One"

This is probably one of the greatest indicators that you’re in a mature, real, and serious relationship. (Which has to be the case if you’re with the one!)

Reason being, if you sulk about your problems, you won’t be able to get over them as fast as you should… This is why it’s so important to make it a habit to tell the truth! (see number 6)

Reason being, if you sulk about your problems, you won’t be able to get over them as fast as you should… This is why it’s so important to make it a habit to tell the truth! (see number 6)

I promise, tons of relationship problems would be so easily solved if both members would just talk it out… Communication is key!

If you find yourself ready and willing to talk about your feelings with your partner, congratulations, because you’ve probably found the one!

9. You Make Time for Each Other

When you’re with the one, you’re a priority, and so are they!

There isn’t, has never been and never will be an excuse to not have time for each other.

In a life-long relationship, you need each other!

That’s a wonderful thought to have, and it’s very true. You’re with the one when you feel like being with them is a key aspect of your regular life. 

It’s as if they complement your life so perfectly that you can’t imagine living a life without them. That’s what it means to be with the one.

But keep in mind…

There’s nothing you can’t change, no relationship is perfect, but you and your partner can always improve.

Nothing is set in stone in a relationship, love can be an ever-increasing and strengthening bond between your partner and yourself.

It’s unbelievable the effect a little bit of motivation, hard work and perseverance can have on a relationship!

Much Luv,

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