5 Daily Rituals to Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

Daily Rituals 2019

It’s that time of the year again!

Christmas time is here, and with it comes the advent of a new year.

Now, wait! Before you set your new year’s resolutions, if you really want to achieve them, you need to make use of these fantastic daily rituals!

Make it a goal to stick to them every day, and watch your life improve faster than ever!

Let’s dive right in to the best daily rituals you can get into for 2019!

The 5 Best Daily Rituals You Need to Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

1. Morning & Night Affirmations

Daily Ritual Affirmations

Affirmations are absolutely amazing, using affirmations can have an incredible impact on your ability to manifest the life you deserve.

Of all daily rituals, affirmations are definitely the easiest and some of the most satisfying out there!

Every morning, right as you get out of bed, make it a habit to repeat some affirmations. Something like… “I am thankful for what I’ve been given!” or “I’m going to have a great day!”

In addition, if you’ve got a specific goal you’re aiming to achieve, affirmations can definitely help you get there!

For instance, if you’re aiming to make a certain amount of income, craft and repeat an affirmation like “I make (X amount) of money every day!”

Repeat the affirmations at night too, and they’ll seep into your subconscious programming. Affirmations are the key daily ritual to living a life of abundance and happiness.

2. Keep a Goal Journal

Daily Rituals Goal Journal

Every day you get closer to living the dream life you’re meant to live. That’s a fact! 

In my why keep a goal journal article, I explained why having a goal journal is like having a guide towards your future.

It helps you keep track of your progress with manifesting the abundant life you deserve! 

By making a goal journal part of your daily routine, you’re transferring that motivation into your subconscious “program”. In other words, you’re a huge step closer to manifesting massive success!

Write your goals every morning and optionally, once at night.

Repeat them out loud twice every day!

Those are the simple steps to keeeping a goal journal. The impact this can have is incredible.

Make 2019 your year with a goal journal!

3. Spending Quality Time 

Daily Rituals Quality Time

Spending time with loved ones is an incredible activity.

We’ve all been given limited time on this blessed world, let’s treasure each other. Spending time with the people that matter the most to you is one of the most magical experiences we’ve got on this planet!

Try to make spending time with family or friends a daily ritual, if you can’t, try to make some quality time for yourself. You deserve to relax, too. 

Nothing beats spending some great time and having fun with friends or loved ones, though!

Make spending time to enjoy the company of people around you a priority every day, and you’ll see. Love is the greatest cure of all, and by giving love, you’ll get twice as much back!

4. Meditate Every Day

Daily Rituals Meditation

Being mindful is a key component to living a happy life. 

Make 2019 your year of change and develop your innate mindfulness through daily meditation! Doing this can have incredible impacts on your daily life and motivation. If you’re striving for a great new year’s resolution, this is exactly what you need!

After all, you can’t achieve anything great without first being in the right mindset, and that mindset is mindfulness.

Being aware of your self, body and everything around you is a beautiful experience, mindfulness truly is a wonderful state of mind.

Whatever it is you’re going through, making meditation a daily ritual is a great step towards living the life you deserve.

 5. Take Action

Daily Rituals Take Action

As I said in #4, being mindful is the key to achieving anything meaningful. (It’s even the key to finding meaning to begin with!)

However, none of that matters if you’re reluctant to take action.

Make 2019 YOUR year, achieve those things you’ve always dreamed of.

I’m going to keep it real, it might not be possible to achieve everything you want in a year, but you can bet that you’ll get much closer with the mindset that you can!

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As a matter of fact, keeping a goal journal and meditating every day help you manifest, and manifestation is aimless if you’re not taking action!

It’s your duty to be prepared to seize every opportunity this amazing world delivers to you.

The opportunities will come, you’ve only got to develop yourself as much as you can through these daily rituals. Becoming mindful is, without a doubt, the best thing you can do to develop yourself and prepare yourself to receive the gifts the universe is delivering to you.

And trust me, you’ll be getting those gifts! It’s Christmas after all…


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