How Living Near The Ocean Can Improve Your Mental Health

7 Reasons why living near the ocean or the sea might improve your overall mental health.

Mental Health

The mental health of many people at our current times is deteriorating significantly.

Due to the hectic, fast-paced, and demanding lifestyles that we live in.

That has lead us to a state of fogginess that left most of us in a poor mental health.

A poor mental health leads to less productivity which in turn leads to frustration, unhappiness and overall unsatisfaction in life.

It’s a vicious cycle!

Furthermore, your general wellbeing is also be affected by your low mental health.

So, it is very important to always try and ensure you are optimally mentally healthy.

And, today, we will cover just that!

How to improve your mental health naturally by getting a little bit of ocean therapy!

How Living Near The Ocean Can Improve You Mentally?

Credible studies have shown that living near the sea or the ocean can improve your mental health.

These studies have backed their findings by showing how living near the sea affects our minds in positive ways.

1. It Helps Your Mind

Seaside relaxation

Besides the magical sceneries and the refreshing beaches…many people go for holidays near the ocean because it relaxes the mind.

Most places near the sea or ocean are usually quiet and full of natural health elements such as:

  • Salt water
  • Sand
  • An abundance of sun rays

And, unlike, the hustling and bustling towns and cities…

Living near the sea or the ocean has its own mellow lifestyle that’s both easygoing and relaxing.

So when living near the sea, you cannot help but feel more relaxed!

Relaxation has been very well documented as a method of improving your mental health.

A relaxed mind leads to a clear mind.

And with clarity, I can almost guarantee you that you’ll have a better handle of whatever life throws your way!

2. It Helps Your Breathing

breathe the fresh air near the ocean or the sea

Also, when living near the water, you are most likely to be surrounded by a lot of vegetations.

Vegetations and plants do well in ocean climate.

This translates to a high likelihood that the air you will be breathing will be fresh and without all the air pollution that fills our atmosphere.

Also, plants are known for producing oxygen which is what keep us alive.

As a result of breathing the fresh air, your body including your brain will be functioning in a better manner.

This will directly impact your overall mental health since you are limiting the amount of pollution you’re getting into your body.

So the next time you’re by the sea, take deep breaths to ensure you brain is well oxygenated!

3. It Helps Your Diet

Mental Health

Additionally, living near the sea or ocean gives you access to different types of fresh and natural seafood.

Seafood such as fish is known to contain some important nutrients that are known to improve mental health.

Also, living close to water ensures that the seafood you are getting to be most likely coming for local fishermen.

Unlike the imported produce like what you get in big chain restaurants in major cities.

This will have a major impact on your diet.

As you are more likely to be eating more fresh seafood which have been scientifically proven to have a major effect on improving your overall mental health.

4. It Is Therapeutic

Mental Health therapy with ocean side and sea lifestyle

By watching the sea waves, you will be benefiting from the therapeutic benefits that it offers.

Researchers have discovered that the sounds of the sea waves alter the wave patterns of the human brain.

Causing us to relax deeply and unwind.

In fact, some therapists advise people just to go near the sea and spend some quiet time watching the sea.

Ocean and sea watching help with gaining clarity and perspective.

5. It Helps Your Brain Unplug

When we are near the water, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be surrounded by electronics.

Gadgets such as computers, tablets, and cell-phones are mostly not water friendly.

While we might still use our phones for the occasional selfie, most of the times we refrain from using electronics.

So the next time you go to the beach or if you’re lucky and you live near one, ditch the gadgets and just enjoy the beach.

6. It Keeps You Moving

When near the water, we can’t help but want to go in the water.

Seeing other people swim, makes us want to go for a quick dip ourselves.

Also, swimming is an amazing exercise.

And if If you love sports such as surfing, cricket, and volleyball then you’re in luck.

Because living near the sea is the ideal place for such sports.

And it has been well documented that those who exercise have a better mental state.

When you workout, you release the feeling good chemicals that leave you feeling satisfied and engaged with life.

7. It Keeps You Social

Living near the water will also give you an opportunity to interact with different kinds of people.

Everyone from your friends to beach goers to tourists like to be near the water.

This will increase your chances of meeting new and interesting people.

When you meet new people, you increase your chances to make new friends and deepen your social connections.

Being socially active has been well linked to an overall feeling of satisfaction, happiness, and positive mental state.

In summary, living near the sea or the ocean is very beneficial for your mind, body, and soul.

Most areas near the sea or the ocean are usually not very congested.

With plenty of room to relax, unplug and connect with nature, the ocean is truly a man’s or a woman’s best friend.

So make sure you spend some quality time near the water, it can really improve your overall wellbeing and mental health state.

To a more relaxed and satisfied you,
Han Geo

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