7 Tips on How to Deal With People

How to Deal with People

When it comes to how to deal with people, you have to be strategic!

Let’s be honest, sometimes people can be difficult.

Especially when they argue!

You’re probably dealing with a bunch of different people on a daily basis already…

And some of them probably frustrate you more than a little.

So, if you want to know how to deal with people (especially that one person in your mind right now) then you’ve come to the right place, my friend!

Now, before I explain how you can really deal with difficult people, let me explain a few ideas that would benefit you.

  1. Every human being on this Earth (or anywhere else) is blessed and deserves fair treatment (you included, of course!)
  2. No matter the situation, the key to dealing with people is to keep your cool.
  3. NEVER disrespect anyone, especially after they disrespect you – While fighting back is enjoyable for the moment, being respectful will pay off in the long run.
  4. Finally, I’m going to hand the mic over to the legendary Dale Carnegie…

The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it

Dale Carnegie, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”

In a nutshell, keep in mind that just like you, other people are human too.

Most of us, unfortunately, are driven by our emotions, not by our minds.

We let our subconscious rule the day, but now that you’re aware of all this… You can be different!

You will not only learn how to deal with people for peace of mind, but you’ll learn to become a shining highlight of everyone’s day – As long as you follow these 7 tips.

7 Tips on How to Deal with People

1. Become a Better Person

Become a Better Person
How to Deal with People
How to Deal with People: Become a Better Person!

Wait! Don’t stop reading just yet. Before you dismiss this as “generic” or something… Think about it.

How can you learn to deal with people better if people can’t deal with you in the first place, makes sense right?

Now, I also don’t mean “become a better person” in a cheesy way, there are actual triggers you get to look out for.

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Here’s what I mean…

There are times in our day where our emotions get to us, maybe we get angry, upset, or just in an overall bad mood.

Look out for what tends to trigger this emotional shift, because 99% of the time, it’s insignificant.

I recommend journaling and maybe jotting down what bothered you…

Because if you’re able to detect what troubles you, you can overcome it internally.

It’s a matter of maturity, you get to be mature enough in order to live peacefully within your soul, regardless of what’s going on outside.

Easier said than done, I know… But acknowledging when you get upset (and realizing you shouldn’t be) is already wonderful!

2. Think Positive Before You Act

How to Deal with People:  Think Before You Act!
How to Deal with People: Think Before You Act!

We’re always told to “think before we act” but I’ve got a new spin on that…

Think POSITIVE before you act!

Or more specifically, think positive before you speak.

In other words, it’s important to keep in mind exactly the reaction you’re looking for before you say anything.

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Let me put it this way… When you’re engaging in a conversation, try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

This is unbelievably important when dealing with people because it allows you to have a different perspective.

It’s safe to say nobody ever really wants to make the other person angry, so why would you act in a way to frustrate the other person?

It doesn’t make sense right?

Unfortunately, we’re all guilty of doing this kind of thing… But we can change that!

The easiest way to prevent a heated argument is by thinking positive.

Always try to find the positive, and if you must point out the negative, do it after you point out the good stuff.

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3. Be Open-Minded to Others’ Opinions

How to Deal with People: Keep an Open Mind!
How to Deal with People: Keep an Open Mind!

No matter who you’re talking to and what you’re talking about, NEVER tell anyone they’re wrong.

Even if they are totally wrong, try to avoid pointing it out directly.

When dealing with people, remind yourself that you’re dealing with creatures of emotion.

Have an open your mind to their perspective… Because, during an argument, you’re not dealing with the other’s opinion, you’re dealing with their pride.

…And nobody wants to have their pride struck down!

So you might be wondering, if you can’t tell them their wrong, how would you go about convincing them?

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The answer: Don’t.

It’s not your duty to convince anyone of anything unless you’re participating in an actual debate…

But here’s what you can do, and I guarantee that this will be much more effective than telling someone they’re wrong: Let them convince themselves.

Through your understanding and compassion, people will feel at ease around you and be more willing to hear you out.

Learn to speak in a calm, relaxed and open-minded fashion and watch as you begin convincing people easier than ever before!

4. Acknowledge Your Mistakes

How to Deal with People: Acknowledge Your Mistakes!
Learn How to Deal with People By Acknowledging Your Mistakes!

So this fourth tip is a pretty simple one, but it works wonders when dealing with people, believe me.

Although it might feel embarrassing at first, acknowledging when you’re wrong or when you made a mistake quickly accomplishes the opposite.

It shows that you’re a person that has the strength and confidence to admit when they’re at fault.

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In other words, people will end up looking up to you more believe it or not.

It’s super counterintuitive, but if you keep it in mind, acknowledging your mistakes will drastically improve your life not just when dealing with people, but it’ll also improve your confidence.

One more thing, this is also super relevant in Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People.

5. Phrase Requests as Questions

How to Deal with People By Asking Questions~
Deal with People By Asking Questions!

Believe it or not, people love answering questions!

If you want to learn how to deal with people the right way, I super highly recommend phrasing your requests as questions.

For example, instead of saying: “Please do XYZ” say “Do you think we should do XYZ?” or something along those lines.

The reason phrasing requests as a question causes such a powerful psychological shift on the receiver’s end might surprise you…

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You see, the truth is, when somebody answers a question, they feel as though they contributed to the result.

In other words, you’re providing them with a feeling of participation and importance, which is key!

To better understand this, let me ask you… Would you rather do something you’re told or do something you came up with?

6. Be Friendly

Learn How to Deal with People By Being Friendly and Approachable
Learn How to Deal with People By Being Friendly and Approachable!

This goes without saying, but I just had to include it here because it’s absolutely essential!

No matter what you may think other people believe, if you are friendly you immediately become many times more approachable. You won’t only cheer others up but you’ll make them want to be with you!

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On top of that, friendliness goes a long way when trying to convince someone.

Wouldn’t you say that you’re much more likely to agree with someone if they approach you in a friendly way?

Oh, and let’s not forget one of the most important aspects of friendliness… It raises your vibration!

Being friendly is literally just a matter of smiling, and if you can pull that off you’ll see how drastically everything in your life appears to improve.

Here’s a smile I flash everywhere I go and let me tell you, I love my life and all the people in it:

7. Always be Honest

Learn How to Deal with People - Always Stay Honest and True to Yourself
Always be Honest!

Even if you follow the last 6 tips, you’ll never see results unless everything comes from an honest place in your heart.

Don’t criticize, but don’t give false praise either!

The key to mastering the art of dealing with people is, in a nutshell, to be honest, and positive.

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Avoid pointing out the negative aspects you perceive and emphasize how wonderful every little positive aspect is!

Always greet people with a sincere smile, because you never know what wonders that person has to share with you today.

All it takes is a little bit of honest positivity.

That about wraps it up!

I would recommend reading (and studying) Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People if you want to really learn how to deal with people to another level.

The book is literally full of golden nuggets that could change your life forever…

Get your Copy Below:

I’m not exaggerating, so make sure you check it out!

With love and light!


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