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Traditionally, meditation has been viewed as a set of religious beliefs combined with special teachings, and practices.

However, in this NEW AGE, it has been accepted as a way of being rather than an only religious practice.

The objective of the practice is to simply be able to relax your mind and be able to enter different states of consciousness in order to to be open to the receptiveness of different states of creativity, growth, and transformation.

Most people think of a bald-headed man sitting in a cross-legged position wearing an orange rope when they hear the  M word :)

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Nowadays, it is practiced by people from all walks of life.

Also, it is practiced in many variations that include lying down, standing, and even walking as well as other forms of movement such as kundalini yoga and qigong meditations.

Meditation may be performed individually or in a group setting.

Here Are The Top 7 Types Meditation:

1. Mindfulness M.
2. Transcendental M.
3. Breath Awareness M.
4. Zen M.
5. Love and Kindness M.
6. Kundalini Yoga M.
7. Om Mantra M.

There are many other forms and types but the premise is to simply quiet the mind and get connected with higher realms of consciousness.

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