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About Zane Baker:

About us - about ZANE Baker
Zane at the Bell Rock Top, Sedona AZ

Zane’s Philosophy:

My mission in life is to end human suffering.

I vow to help my brothers and sisters in humanity to tap into their inner wisdom and truth using meditation, crystals, energy work, and success skills and practices that are KEY to personal transformation.

Once I help you break through, then I will go into the daily practices and rituals that are KEY to success in all major arenas in life.

Areas like:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • And many more

About Zane Baker’s Story:

Hi, my name is Zane and here is my story:

I was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq!

Until 2007, I lived my entire life in Iraq.

During that time, I survived 3 wars before I was 18 years young.

I was born a FREE spirit but that’s not even considered an option when your country is being ruled with an iron fist.

So, I lived in the shadows for 20+ years as Iraq was run by a dictator and being all awakened and open to possibilities was not looked at very favorably!

About Zane Baker
Baghdad – Iraq. Source: monthlybrands.com

So I had to be someone else.

I shape-shifted into someone that I am not, just to fit in.

Being Middle Eastern and for those who are familiar with the culture, you’ll know that in order to become somebody in the Middle East you must become a doctor or an engineer.

On top of that, as a kid, I saw my people in so much pain that I had always wondered how can I help ease the pain.

So, that’s why I chose to go to medical school to become a doctor instead of becoming an engineer.

That, and given how much I hate math, engineering wasn’t for me…

So here I am in Med school studying to become a dentist and can’t help but feel STUCK!

The question “Why on earth am I doing this?” crossed my mind like a gazillion times.

Ever since the age of 5, I always dreamt of the day I’d be studying to become a medical professiona.

But, I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that this was not my field of passion.

I felt so out of alignment.

Simply, I felt trapped.

However, I stuck with it for 3 years before my entire life changed overnight.

In 2003, Iraq was invaded by the collation forces and war erupted changing the lives of millions

About Us Page - Iraq
About Zane Baker
Source: Wikimedia Commons
US Army (USA) M1A1 Abrams MBT (Main Battle Tank), and personnel from A Company (CO), Task Force 1st Battalion, 35th Armor Regiment (1-35 Armor), 2nd Brigade Combat Team (BCT), 1st Armored Division (AD), pose for a photo under the “Hands of Victory” in Ceremony Square, Baghdad, Iraq during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. The Hands of Victory monument built at the end of the Iran-Iraq war marks the entrance to a large parade ground in central Baghdad. The hand and arm are modeled after former dictator Saddam Hussein’s own and surrounded with thousands of Iranian helmets taken from the battlefield. The swords made for the guns of dead Iraqi soldiers, melted and recast into the 24-ton blades.

When the war erupted, everything came to a full stop!

No schools, no government, no work, NOTHING.

It was a day by day survival!

People were doing their best to keeping their head down from flying bullets.

To make matters more urgent, people were so scared that they just went insane.

Long story short, I survived another war!

But this time it was the BIGGEST war I have ever witnessed.

And this time I was an adult so I was able to remember and feel everything more intensely.

The 2 wars before this one were in the 80s and 90s, and then I was a child so I always took comfort in my parents’ presence.

This time I was an adult and I was expected to pull my own weight as an adult and to contribute both in surviving and fighting.

Since I was 5, I had witnessed so much pain, so much death, and so much injustice. Once I was an adult it pained me even more, that I still couldn’t do anything to end the suffering.

Well, I did my best to help during the war!

Finally, I got the opportunity to volunteer as a translator at a US Hospital where I felt I could ease my country’s pain by telling the US doctors what was going on with the Iraqi patients who were injured.

And while the job was very emotionally demanding, and I saw even more pain, at least this time I felt that I was able to ease the pain, somehow…

Even if it was for a brief period!

And that was the 1st time in years that I felt as if going to medical school was simply a blessing in disguise.

If I didn’t go to med school I wouldn’t have learned English and that in return wouldn’t have given me the chance to serve my people and the US forces by becoming a linguist during a very critical time for both Iraq and the US.

I stayed in jobs of similar capacities in Iraq, lending my abilities as a translator to both Iraqi and US officials till 2007.

In September of 2007, I officially dropped out of dental school and immigrated to the United States of America and left everything behind me in search for a brighter future.

Landed with $700 a bucket full of dreams
About Zane Baker
I landed with $700 & a bucket full of dreams
I landed in the US with only $700 in my pocket which was my entire life savings at the time.

Also, I had a phone number of an American friend whom I met while I was a translator.

The friend took me in and provided me with food and shelter while I was re-discovering myself.

I was too new to the country to find meaningful work at any job.

To make matters worse, I lacked the skills needed to make me successful in the US.

I spoke English but had an accent.

The accent didn’t help in combination with my dark brown skin and my Middle Eastern looks.

But I figured if I was able to make it in FUCKING BAGHDAD and survive 3 wars, then I’ll be damned if I let this opportunity slide by.

So I took to the Internet to learn what skills I was missing!

Advancing physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually, quickly became my personal objective!

So, I learned, and learned, and learned even more.

Then, I read, and read, and read even more.

It was hard – harder than these words can say – but I made it!

A BIG shout out to that friend that I talked about earlier “keeping him anonymous for privacy purposes”, he was so kind to have taken me in when I literally had nobody.

He also urged me to read 3 books that he promised me would change my life and enable me to have a fresh start here in the US.

Those 3 books were:

  • The Power of Positive Thinking
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

About Zane Baker

And boy, was he right!!!

Those 3 books have made quite a transformation in my life and to this date I read these books frequently.

All the hard work and the studying paid off!

In October of 2008, I landed my 1st job after a being in the US for a full year.

I got a job as a Human Resources Specialist which was the lowest paying job that I was able to start at.

But, in less than 18 months I became a Training and Development Analyst.

Then in another 18 months, I was the Lead for 3 of the largest training initiatives of one of the 500 Fortune Companies in the North East of USA.

Boy did I make it or what? I felt that I made it BIG!

About Zane Baker

But then all that changed in 2012 when I got into a car accident that literally changed the trajectory of my life yet again.

On a Tuesday morning around 8 AM, as I was driving to my job and got rammed by a semi-truck.

Literally, I saw the whole thing happen before my eyes and I was saying to myself “OMG this is it, Zane – This is your day”

And you know what else went through my head?
  • That I didn’t hug my BEST friends…
  • Or say goodbye to Jojo, my dog…
  • Or call my mom to tell her goodbye…

The paramedics rushed me to the hospital with what they feared was “a broken neck”

They suspected that because I couldn’t move my head.

But can you blame them when this is how my driver side looked as they arrived?

About Zane Baker
The Car Accident That Changed My Life, AGAIN!

About Zane Baker

Thank goodness it wasn’t a neck injury and I survived!

When I had my accident, I was at the peak of my career!

However, that accident left me wondering if I was living my life purpose and serving humanity on a large scale.

That’s when I decided to leave my corporatecareer and follow my passion and become a Transformational Coach.

So the winds of change came about again but this time, I was ready!

About Zane Baker
Zane Baker in Sedona, AZ.

So, in a nutshell, my journey was tough!

But I made it because of a set of rules and skills that I learned and applied in my life.

And right here through this blog is where I will be sharing with you the same skills and techniques that I learned.

When I implemented these skills I was able to launch not one but 3 careers.

On top of that, they enabled me to become the man I am today.

When I was struggling to make it here in the US, I made a personal vow to “pay it forward” when I’m successful.

And now I’m paying it forward … to YOU!

But enough about me, The Zane Baker community is all about you!

– Helping you write your own success story
– Empowering you to create an action plan
– Helping you take the next step
– Inviting you to learn more so you can do more

About Zane Baker

Here, I and my team made a commitment to provide with:

  • Actionable personal development strategies
  • Tools and resources that you can implement immediately to improve your life now
  • Success skills and strategies to help improve your outlook about the futur

We are tired of all the mumbo-jumbo stuff out there; here at ZaneBaker.com we are big advocates of facts backed up by legit research and real-life experiences!

We combine the woo-woo stuff with practical application that makes quite a nice combo for personal transformation and growth.

Join us as we bring you the most valuable information, tools and expert resources available to help you improve in the most important aspects of your life.

We take self-help and energy work to a whole new level.

We mix inspiration and motivation with step-by-step methods to help unleash the power for you to lead the best life that you can ever imagine!

Are you ready to lead a healthier, happier and more successful life?

Our mission is to transform 1,000,000 lives by applying meditation, energy and success practices into their everyday living and creating an inside job transformation.

So if you are ready to live a better life?

A life filled with joy, well-being, vitality, prosperity, and success?

Then you are at the right place!

Welcome To The Transformation Zone!


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