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Guided Meditations

Meditation has been known and scientifically proved to help reduce stress and increase your inner sense of wellness and peace.

As beneficial as it may be unless you’re an advanced meditator, it can be really tough to meditate without a teacher or guide as the mind is known for its wondering and being all over the place ability.

zane baker guided meditations

Guided meditations literally solve that problem.

They make the process of meditating easier as you get to focus on the guide’s words and guidance.

Where most people struggle with meditation is to keep their mind clear of thoughts or focused on the present moment and with the help of a simple guided meditation, it’s a lot easier to achieve higher levels of success especially when you’re new to meditating.

If you want to learn about the types of meditations, please go here.

Explore our wide range of Guided Meditations created or curated by the BEST guided meditations guides The Universe has ever given birth to.

We offer audio based and video based Meditations. So find what suits you and get practicing.

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