How to Create Positive Change in The World?


“Every Journey starts with a 1st step, and today I am taking my 1st step in changing the world” is a quote I have written and taped to my vision-board at my home office.

Quite powerful, isn’t it!!!

People always ask me this question “How to create positive change in the world?“. Others ask well how do we create change in our lives let alone the world?

Well, it’s quite simple, start at the most basic level. To create change, we don’t need to look any further than ourselves.

To create change, we don’t need to look any further than ourselves.

Most often, when we are trying to create change, we aspire to change others in one way or another and neglect our own self.  See change is a process, it starts with us first.

How to Create Positive Change in The World?Over the past few years I have taken multiple steps to change myself, and let me be clear, I changed things that I knew will make me a better person and didn’t not follow some silly “Gossip Girl” version of change or watched an episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashian” and then decided to change few things.

I taught myself to be more positive, to be more kind, to be more accepting of others’ shortcomings. It was not easy, it was actually quite a trip, but I did it and it feels amazing.

Let me tell you a story that occurred to me this past holiday season that put my new found change into the test.

how to create positive change
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I was at the grocery store shopping and the checkout lines were too long to even describe, one thing I learned about living in The DC Metro area which is that if there are no lines people ”DCians” think it must not be good.

Anyway, I was at the checkout line and I had the pleasure to deal with the most negative cashier at the entire store.

I just felt her energy immediately as I stepped in front of her and said hi.

She gave me the coldest look and said are all these items yours, I replied nicely, yes ma’am and she said: “well ain’t you lucky”.

I replied back “Well, for a matter of a fact, I am – I am blessed enough to be healthy and alive and able to shop on this beautiful day” she grunted back “that must be nice”.

So I decided to put my psychology and communication classes into use and said “ you know miss, It must be really tiring working here at a grocery shop, especially during the holiday season” She looked at me and said “yes, it is – everyone is so busy and they want to run from one shop to another so they treat cashiers like dirt”.

I replied “ you know what miss, shame on those folks, I told her to not let their emptiness affect her aura, and moved on to tell her that most people who act that way are so empty on the inside, that they are trying to fill every waking moment with something, so they dump on everyone that they meet in the excuse that –OMG, we are so busy, our lives are so important”.

How to create positive changeShe smiled and let me tell you she had a gorgeous smile and said: “what’s your name?” I told her, Zane. She said “Zane” you have really lifted my spirit, I was thinking to myself when you stepped up to the register, if this young man ganna be another brat and treat me like trash I am going to give him a piece of my mind and I don’t care if I get fired for it.

I was speechless for a second, then proceeded to tell her a short story about how I respect people who are working during the holidays to provide us the shoppers with the pleasant experience of shopping and told her that I understand her frustration because I did retail during the holidays in the past and I know how people get.

Long story short, by the time I left she gave me a big hug and said: “God Bless You, Zane!”.

I said thank you miss and she said please call me Tee, so I said thank you Tee, and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

As I was loading my purchases in my car, a young and gorgeous lady came to me and told me “thank you for your kindness towards another human being” and offered to buy me a cup of coffee from the coffee shop at the same plaza where the grocery shop is at.

I thanked her for her generous offer and told her that she didn’t need to buy me anything for doing my human job. She was persuasive and followed up by saying: “it’s uplifting to meet people like me as they are rare nowadays.”

How to Create Positive Change in The World?I was blushing from her compliments, so I agreed to the coffee treat and made yet another new friend, I’ll keep her name secret for now 🙂

So ladies and gentleman, next time you are out, pay attention to your surroundings, you never know when the next friend is around the corner, or when you can truly help another human being in need.

My friends, be the change you aspire others to be, lead others by your kindness and positivity and change the world one kind act at a time.

This is one of many stories that I’ll bring to you over our journey together.

Let’s begin today. Let’s create the change and be it.

So, what positive story did you hear/witness today?


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