What Is The Connection Between Your Personality and Colors

What Is The Connection Between Your Personality and Colors vinicius-wiesehofer-531439-unsplash

What Is The Connection Between Your Personality and Colors

Have you ever wondered why you like certain colors more than others?

Imagine you’re shopping for a T-shirt if you’re a guy or a cardigan or blouse if you’re a gal.

I can almost guarantee your eyes always gravitate towards a certain color.

But do you know why?

Well, it’s easy because your personality is what’s driving your choices and liking towards colors.

So, I am a red guy; I love everything red.

I have tons of red T-Shirts, sweaters, heck I even drove a Red Ford Fusion just a few years ago.

Here’s a pic of me sporting red 🙂

Based on color psychology red is my favorite color because I am an optimist with an action-driven personality.

For those of you who know me, that’s 100% me.

And for those who don’t please go here to learn more about me and what I stand for and what’s my mission in life.

Now, let’s discover the correlation between your personality and
colors with this fun and short quiz:


As I mentioned earlier, my color is red which makes me a determined and purpose-driven optimist and that is in total alignment with my self-identity.

So, what does your color choices tell about your personality?

Please share in the comments section below.  

I always love to hear about your results!

With Love,

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P.P.S. Liked this quiz? then you’re in luck, cause I have more here.

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  1. Hi Zane, I just tried the quiz page and enjoyed it 🙂 Seems that I’m right brained; Yay! I’ve got one. I chose eyeball 5, my soul is orange/yellow, the colors show I’m charismatic. (Pity I haven’t got Stickers).
    I didn’t do the “Old Person” test as I’m only 64 and don’t want to spoil the surprise.
    Although the quizzes are fun, there is a lot to be learnt, if you look.
    Me? I’m really chuffed with my results. seems I’m not too bad after all. Love, lite n blessings to all, Barry Thomas. (RSA)


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