What The Angels of Abundance Want You To Know

Zane Baker Shares Wisdom From The Angels of Abundance.

angels of abundance

The Angels of Abundance are always with you guiding you on how to lead your life with joy, gratitude, and abundance.

Greetings loved ones,

Zane here, your Angel Intuitive Guide and in today’s angelic messages let’s explore the topic of abundance and manifestation.

I started by meditating and then asked for specific guidance for anyone who might read this post now or in the future.

I asked the following:

“Divine Intelligence and Angelic Beings of Light…

What Messages You Have for My Readers, Family, and Friends to Increase Abundance in Their Life?”

These Divine Messages came through, I transcribed the channeled messages and here we go:

1. Finances and career:

This message highlights that financial issues might be a factor in your life right now.

Let me ask you these questions, and please be honest with yourself.

  • Money or bills stressing you out?
  • Living paycheck to paycheck?
  • Working in a job and feel like fulfilling your life purpose is nothing but a dream?

Well, you’re not alone, many are feeling the same way.

Where you can make a difference is to call upon “The Angels of Abundance” that are always willing to help you.

Call upon them for help!

Simply say:

Angels of Abundance, I call upon you to help me with my financial woes.

Please strengthen my faith in the TRUTH that all is working out in its own divine time and for my highest good.

Angels of Abundance Watching Over You!

To attract more money and have abundance in life the angels of abundance are telling you to focus on passion in your career.

Find the joy in the mundane and excite yourself just for the mere fact that you have something that you’re doing that’s earning you a living.

Be grateful but don’t settle.

So, whenever the money worries appear, please breathe in deeply and experience life with all the adventures that it brings with it.

If you need help with enhancing your abundance and activating your manifestation centers, then check out this resource:

Key to Manifestation

angels of abundance
Angels of abundance help with manifestation

2. Relationships:

Foster love and kindness within your relationships.

Focus on the blessings that these relationships bring you and let go of the need to control things.

And while in relationships co-dependency can be natural, please be mindful of your partner’s needs.

Also, to live in a state of flow and harmony with your loved ones, let things go and allow yourself to accept help when needed.

Please check this heart chakra opener meditation to keep yourself open to love and harmony:

3. Trusting The Process:

Trusting that all is working out in your favor is a KEY ingredient in your manifestation process.

If you recall, the 2nd message highlighted the importance of letting go of control to bring upon harmony.

And, when you flow harmoniously through life, you’ll start to trust your intuition more often.

By trusting yourself, and trusting your intuition, you’ll cultivate a DIVINE Trust in The “Universe, God, Divine Intelligence, Source Energy or whatever term you identity with”.

And with unwavering trust, nothing is impossible!

So as you get ready for your day, always remember these three things:

  • You are abundant
  • You’re in harmony with your surroundings
  • You’re TRUSTing the process

And here you have it my lovelies.

Divine messages for joy and abundance.

May your day be filled with love, healing and transformation.

Learn how to live in a state of flow in every area of life with this amazing video:

Key to Abundance

What The Angels of Abundance Want You To Know
Manifestation tool from the Angels of Abundance.

Live authenticly, love openly and allow the flow of light and abundance to come to you and last but not least trust the process!

Love and Light,

P.s. Please pass these angelic messages to your circle of family and friends <3

P.P.S What did you guys think of the heart chakra meditation included in this post?

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