Why Do You Keep Seeing Angel Number 38 Repeatedly?

If you repeatedly keep seeing angel number 38, you might want to pay attention. Your angels are trying to grab your attention. Find what messages this number contains.

Angel Number 38 Repeatedly

Angel number 38 has been the answer to my prayers this month.

Lately, I have been asking for a sign about a topic that’s really occupying lots of my awakening hours.

I meditated on the topic, journaled about it, yet I was still not clear what’s the most benevolent action I can take.

I am a very empowered person, and I don’t believe in randomness.

So I asked during my final meditation on the topic that a sign would appear to me to help me with my situation.

Boom! Ask, and you shall receive!

I got my sign!

For three consecutive days, the angel number 38 kept appearing in the oddest and most random of places.

The first time it appeared, my phone bill was $383.80.

Then, I was working on a newsletter for my subscribers and my system tells me, that the numbers of emails sent this month was 383825, and I am like WOOW!

The final sign came was when I was trying to make a call, I dial the number, and it goes nowhere. I check the number, and I see that somehow I dialed a number ending with 3838 instead of the number I really needed to dial. I was shocked, to say the least. See pic:

Seeing Angel Number 38 Repeatedly

But hey, I’ve been living with this type of synchronicities for years, that now, I just simply surrender and TRUST.

Guidance always appears to us when we need it the most!

So, when Angel Number 38 kept appearing for three days in a row, I knew that the answer to my prayer is buried somewhere inside the meaning behind angel number 38.

So today, come with me on a journey as we decipher the meaning behind angel number 38:

The Numerological Meaning:

Number 38 is made up of two powerful angel numbers 3 and 8.

The attributes of this angel number combination are potent.

Number 3 is known for its power in the areas of manifestation, expansion, and growth.

When angel number 3 is present, creative endeavors seem to flow much more naturally.

Self-expression and communication seem to go smoothly during discussions or even during heated arguments.

Support from the Angels and the Ascended Masters is amplified as number 3 resonates with the energies of the Ascended Masters.

Now, number 8 on the other side is all about manifestation making this number a fantastic number to attract.

Number 8 brings the energies of:

  • Joy and optimism
  • Abundance and creative manifestation
  • Faith in self and living with integrity
  • Success and material wealth

Now when you combine the attributes of number 3 and number 8 together, then you have the fantastic energy of angel number 38.

Here are interpretations associated with number 38:

1. Time for Manifestation

Since both number 3 and number 8 carry the vibrations of abundance and manifestation when number 38 appears, then it’s a sign that you’re in a manifestation phase.

Keep your thought aligned with your vision, let go of the past, and be in a state of allowing.

In order to manifest, we must TRUST both in our selves and in our destiny.

There is no room for doubt!

2. Help is on the Way

Since number 3 is all about the Ascended Masters, and number 8 is all about abundance, seeing number 38 means there is an abundance of heavenly support from your angels and the Ascended Masters.

If you’re going through rough times or if you’re torn about a decision, then simply ask for help and then trust that the answer is on the way.

3. Time to Shine

Seeing number 38 is a real sign to start trusting your abilities and talents.

Within you and me are talents, inner-wisdom, and gifts that are meant for creative expression.

So write that book, launch that business, get your certification, do whatever you seek, and that’ll help you expand and grow.

Here’s a meditation for alignment with higher-self to help:

4. Material Wealth is Near

Both number 3 & 8 are known for their potent manifestation powers.

When you see 38 often, it’s a sign that material wealth is near.

So, remain focused, eliminate distraction, and keep taking action.

Being disciplined is a requirement to manifest wealth. It’s easy to fall back to old negative beliefs. But with discipline, we can start managing our thoughts and aligning ourselves with what’s BEST for us.

Manifest abundance and prosperity into your life with this number, and remember sharing is caring. So spread the wealth.

5. Master Number 11

Also, Angel Number 38 is connected to karmic master number 11 (3+8=11).

Master number 11 is a high-frequency energetic number that indicates you’re in alignment with spiritual realization.

Most people who know about number 11, also know that it’s the number of lightworkers.

So when angel number 38, it’s an invitation to fulfill your calling in finding a career that serves all of humanity.

This Karmic Master number brings forward the attributes of:

  • Illumination & Enlightenment
  • Higher Vibration & Self-expression
  • Motivation & Creativity Expression
  • Mystical & Energetic Experiences

6. Breakthroughs are Happening

Seeing angel number 38 is a sign from your angels that you are about to go through a significant breakthrough in your life.

Breakthroughs always help us develop spiritual awareness that then we can incorporate into our lives and businesses serving all of humanity in the process.

7. A Sign of Assurance

Generally, the guidance is when you keep seeing Angel Number 38 repeatedly, it’s as a sign of assurance.

The angels communicate with us through numbers, and 38 means the angels of manifestation are here to support you in achieving your goals.

Stay focused, and don’t get distracted by shiny objects that take you away from your goal.

So those are the meanings that I found most associated with angel number 38.

I hope that these meanings and explanations served you well and that you’ll come back for more 🙂

If so, please help me in passing this article forward and spread the wealth of knowledge.

Hugs and Kisses,

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