Crystals for Positivity: Raise Your Vibration and Expand Your Awareness With These Crystals

Crystals for Positivity

Join me on this journey as I teach you how to raise your vibration with powerful crystals for positivity!

Before I share with you 5 powerful crystals to help raise your vibration, let me ask you a thought-provoking question!

Can you guess what successful, healthy and happy people think about all the times?

Day in and day out?

The answer is a very simple one…

Successful, Healthy and Happy people think about their level of energy and vibration.

Yes, they set goals and have plans to get them accomplished.

At the same time, they focus on remaining positive amidst the chaos!

If you follow in their footsteps, you will start developing a very positive habit that can truly change your life completely.

The fact is, when you think about what you want, set-up goals and have plans on how to get them accomplished, you start to feel happier and in greater alignment with your life.

Consequently, when you think about something that makes you happy, your brain actually releases endorphins, which give you a general feeling of overall well-being and vitality.

Thus, you start to develop a positive attitude towards life in general.

This is so simple, yet very profound!

So let’s take a page from the book of the most successful people in the world and start implementing the power of positivity in our daily lives.

To enhance that power of positivity, join Debbie Hardy and I on this powerful video where we explore how positivity crystals can help you in different facets of life.

Crystals for Positivity:  a Session with Zane Baker and Debbie Hardy

Debbie Hardy is a Certified Crystal Healer, Advanced Crystal Master, Reiki Master, and Angel Therapist.

Her mission is to spread the message around the world about the benefits of meditation and how easy meditation can be when working with crystals.

In this video interview, Zane and Debbie talked about different Crystals for Positivity and how they can influence your life.

Watch the video above for the full scope and explanation of each of the crystals for positivity.

And for notes, I listed all the crystals mentioned below along with an illustration from my friend Durgadas Allon Duriel who creates these amazing crystal illustrations on Instagram. Check out his work below:

1. Celestite

2. Selenite

3. Amethyst

4. Carnelian

5. Rose Quartz

As always, please share with me your thoughts about this powerful session, I love to hear your feedback!

Much Luv,

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