15 Empowering Beliefs for Personal Excellence

15 Empowering Beliefs Of Great Achievers and High Performers

The Empowering Beliefs Of Great Achievers

You would find a common belief that life is a manifestation based on less of what you do and more of what you think.

While the old adage, “Action speaks louder than words,” is true to an extent, your thoughts are really much more powerful than anything you are doing.

That grey matter between your ears that’s called the “BRAIN” is the software that controls so much more than many people realize.

“I think therefore I am,” should resonate deep down into your bones, and fill your heart and soul because it is this statement, this belief that will shape your life from here on out.

It really isn’t just because Einstein, Jefferson, Wright brothers, Mozart or Michelangelo were smarter or more creative than us, they also knew how to use their minds to create the life that they wanted.

That is the difference between a mediocre person and those great achievers; they have to learn to think the right way.

The Empowering Beliefs Of Great Achievers
Great achievers have empowering beliefs!

It does sound funny- “think the right way” -as if there is a way to think the wrong way.

Well, there is.

If your mind is constantly occupied with negative thoughts then you are thinking the wrong way.

Those negative thoughts that are filling your head are sending out a very powerful vibration into the universe.

Through the Law of Attraction, the universe brings back to you opportunities that have similar vibrations to what you are emitting.

The whole “like attracts like.”

You may be thinking thoughts such as “I will never fail,” which doesn’t seem very negative; the universe does not operate in positive and negatives it simply takes what you are thinking about, which in that statement is failure, and brings it to you.

The thought that should be in your head is ” I will succeed.”

This does not leave room for anything other than success.

Always think in the positive.

Empowering Beliefs Books:

This isn’t seeing the silver lining around the gray cloud anymore, this is only seeing that silver lining.

If you leave room for doubt, it will move in and take up more space then what you had offered it.

The same holds true in business.

You have to think positively about what you want to achieve.

You will be a success, now picture that success in your head.

Know exactly what that success means to you and what it entails and it will be yours.

If you encounter a problem or a failure, look at those as chances for you to grow and improve.

Now let’s dig into the empowering beliefs that once mastered can lead to high performance and achievement.

Here is a list of 15 empowering beliefs that all high achievers have:

  1. They like who they are, this gives them very high and healthy self-esteem. You won’t get far if you do not believe in yourself.
  2. They have a positive attitude. It is all about perception, the way you choose to look at things.
  3. They understand that self destruction is not conducive to success.
  4. They make every effort to be self-aware so that they can release themselves from self-imposed limitations. The only thing that stands in your way is you, just you!
  5. They are on top of the thoughts that flow through their minds, making sure that they are positive and constructive.
  6. They focus on what it is they are after, what they want to achieve and believe that it will manifest.
  7. They have purpose.
  8. They know their goals and know how to create the environment that will achieve them.
  9. They accept that the only person responsible for who and where they are is themselves. No one had the perfect life growing up, however great achievers know that they are responsible for how they live their life, not anyone else.
  10. They let go. Holding on to negative thoughts isn’t going to help you. There isn’t anything that you can do about what happened in the past. You need to accept that it had happened; let go of it and take the steps to make sure you don’t repeat it again.
  11. They are gracious for what they have.
  12. They are determined and persistent.
  13. They are realistic. If you are human, please know that you can’t work or force miracles. No matter how fast you are, the rainbow always disappears before you reach it.
  14. They focus on the most valuable use of their time.
  15. They surround themselves with other like-minded people because collectively they are a stronger source of energy and a consistent reminder that they can succeed.
If you are doubting your ability, let’s be clear that it is not impossible for you to become a great achiever, you simply need to start thinking like one.
Say goodbye to doubt, instill Empowering Beliefs
Awaken your empowering beliefs!

If you are wondering what is stopping you from having the most successful life or business around? YOU are!

You are sitting there, looking around, going, “Money. Time. Planning. A place to run the business. Supplies, etc,” keep this in your mind: if you really want to be successful, you would set your mind to it and know that you can achieve your dreams.

This empowering thought, this belief would erase every reason that you can list.

You are the key!

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