How to Persevere When Times Are Tough


Have things been seeming pretty grim for you lately?

Maybe you feel like no matter what you try… Things just don’t go right, it feels hard to persevere when things get tough, right?
Well, don’t you worry!

Our minds make up our reality, and through the law of attraction, we’re all able to manifest a great, happy reality.

Awesome! But… What can you do now?

The best choice is to stay optimistic. Read on to find out how!

Before I jump straight into it, I’ve got to let you know there’s no one solution to dark times.

It depends what you’ve got going on, but follow along and you’ll see your life improve.

How to Persevere When Times Get Tough

Be MindfulHow to Persevere When Things get Tough Mindfulness

Let’s start with the unexpected. The key to perseverance is to have something to persevere towards.

We’re all meant to achieve something awesome in our lives. Our duty is to figure out just what exactly that is! Once you’ve got that down, the rest comes naturally.

Of course, the hard part really is to figure out what your purpose is. What’s the one, single thing you want to achieve in your life?

Wait! I know, that question is huge, it’s probably the most important, most life-changing question you could ever ask yourself.

So, how do you answer it? What’s the secret here, exactly? There is one thing you’ve got to do if you want to find your purpose.

…And that’s being mindful. Mindfulness is the key if you aim to persevere in the face of adversity or dark times. Through consistently practicing mindfulness, you suddenly put things into perspective.

Questions will pop up in your mind and heart… What really matters to you? What do you really want?

You might not have the answers you need for these questions now, but you’ll have them soon.

The truth is, there’s no one way to find out how to persevere when times are tough. It’ll be different for each of us, we’re unique, mystical beings after all!

But don’t you worry, there’s a good side to this mystery. The knowledge you’re looking for is hidden away, deep in your mind.

Don’t forget who and what you are. You’re a human being! The ability to craft and manifest the happiness, abundance and success you deserve is right there inside of you. Wouldn’t it make sense that you’re also able to manifest that positivity you need?

Of course, it makes sense! You’ve got the innate ability to make a huge difference in the world.

Are you going to let how things appear to be right now bring you down?

Being mindful is an essential part of learning to persevere when times are dark. Practice it as much as you can, because this is only one of the great results you’ll obtain through mindfulness!

Now, that’s great and all… But what can you do right now to become mindful?

Okay, that’s a trick question, it takes time… Nevertheless, you can start getting some results through practice as soon as you begin! My personal favorite way to practice mindfulness is meditation.

Why You Need Meditation

How to Persevere When Times are Tough Meditation

Yes! Meditation causes a disconnect between our distraction-filled realities and ourselves. It might seem hard, or boring at first… Stick with it though! It’s so hard at first because we’re not used to being in our own company.

Sounds weird right? But think about it, really… It’s easy to get lost in distractions over and over today. Meditation stops that from happening and develops you as a person.

Of course, that helps you persevere through dark times!

Learning to enjoy your own company is an incredible result of consistent mindfulness. I’d even go as far as saying it’s a real mindfulness goal.

Meditation brings you face to face with your inner self, you’ll understand who you really are, what you’re really looking for and most importantly… What you’re meant to accomplish.

Believe me, the answers to these questions will almost definitely surprise you!

One thing’s for sure, you’re meant to accomplish incredible things. What those things are is a mystery for now, but believe me…

You will accomplish them!

One more thing though… Don’t go off thinking this is going to be easy, because it isn’t!

Becoming mindful is actually pretty difficult, but wow is it worth the effort.

Imagine having clarity.

One thing’s for sure, whatever’s going on in your life right now, whatever the reason you need to persevere is… You’re going to get through it, and you’ll be driven!

That’s what mindfulness is for; becoming who you’re meant to be.

…And you’re meant to be someone absolutely amazing!


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