What is Your Emotional State Right Now?

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Discover The Emotional State Of Your Brain!

Your emotional state can control how you feel and act on daily basis.

Emotions are like neon signs telling your brain…

Hey, REMEMBER THIS feeling and act this way!

That’s how states of mind occur when we condition our brain to a specific emotional state so it becomes our automatic response to that given stimuli.


  • Traffic = Getting Upset
  • News = Feeling Unsafe
  • Money = Feeling Scarcity or Lack
  • Love = Feeling Misunderstood

There are positive examples too:

  • Kids = Feeling Joy
  • Laughter = Feeling Light or Happy
  • Pets = Feeling accepted and loved

These are states that we create by continuing to behave in a certain way and conditioning our emotional state.

Expand Your Emotional Intelligence

Take this 8 Questions Quiz to check on your current emotional state.

Let’s Begin:


So I took this quiz and my emotional state is one of LOVE!

Emotional State
Love Emotional State!

And these are the caractarestic of a Love Emotional State:

  • When your brain is truly in love, these three neurotransmitters get released:
    • Serotonin
    • Dopamine, and
    • Adrenaline
  • When there three neurotransmitters have been ignited, they a recipe for genuine connection and intimacy.
  • When serotonin, dopamine, and adrenaline come together in your mind, you can’t help but feel the love feeling towards someone or a given situation – and it goes as follow:
    • The adrenaline kicks in at a specific time, initiating sweaty palms and an accelerated heart rate when you see your special someone.
    • Dopamine then responds by giving you a rush of pleasure when you experience this “good” type of stress, followed by the happiness of serotonin that keeps this person popping into your thoughts and brightening your day!

Such a fascinating finding as that’s truly describes me.

I believe that I am a love magnet!

LOVE itself, I am in love with!

I love loving others and having them love me back.

But, hey!

Enough about me, what are your quiz results?

Share your state in the comments below 🙂


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