How Could Your Personality Type Predict Your Career Destiny?

Career Destiny

The link between Your Career Destiny and Your Personality type?

The subject of personality types is quite wide!

Also, if that wasn’t enough, there is no shortage of studies and researches that describe the subject in depth.

In today’s article, I’d like to shed some light on a very interesting topic of your career destiny.

How could your personality type link to your career choices and your earning ability overall?

I personally am a big fan of Truity Psychometrics, a personality test company.

They have gathered the data of their survey of more than 25,000 volunteers.

The questions they asked focused on the volunteer’s careers and the volunteer’s personality type.

The volunteers were asked about how satisfied are they at

  • Their current job?
  • Their income level?
  • and many other aspects of their careers.

Truity has organized the differences between each of the 16 different personality types. (There are 16 personality types Based on the Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs Model.)

Here are some of the findings:

  • ENTJs and ESTJs are ambitious or natural leaders.
  • ENTPs are natural entrepreneurs.
  • ISFJs and ESFPs, are family members, not the corporate type.

So I invite you to dive into the below Career Destiny infographic and learn what your personality type might say about you and your future earning ability!

Career Destiny

For the full Career Destiny Truity Study, please visit this Personality Type Career Case Study.

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