A Beginner’s Guide to Neuroplasticity of The Brain

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Introduction to Neuroplasticity and How The Brain Works?

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As you guys know I am fascinated by the fields of Positive Psychology, Human Potential, and Personal Growth.

In addition, I often find my self lost in a sea of knowledge about the works of beautiful minds in these fields.

Today’ I was lost in this Neuroplasticity infographic that describes the essence of what we know about neuroplasticity and how it works?

It was created by our friends at Alta Mira, a San Francisco based Rehab and Recovery Center.

The infographic is called Rewiring the brain: how to teach an old dog new tricks.

Basically, this infographic is a GREAT place to start if you are just starting to learn about neuroplasticity and the brain.

Without further due, here’s this neat little infographic:

Rewiring The Brain

Previously, scientists thought that the brain’s structure was hard-wired and immutable.

Also, it was a rarity to see brain-damaged patients make full recovery.

The widely held belief was that the brain was a machine: machines are capable of many things, but they do not change and grow.

However, all this changed based on new researcher’s findings.

Let’s dig deeper into the infographic:

Introduction to Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Therapy

As you guys can tell, this post was very detailed and created with the intention of enhancing one’s understanding of neuroplasticity.

Consider this infographic a companion for those who want to understand more about how the human brain works?

(h/t @Alta Mira)

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