What’s Your Dominant Personality Trait? This Abstract Test Will Reveal All!

dominant personality trait

Would you like to know what’s your most dominant personality trait?

I hope you said YES!

Because today, I am so excited to share with you another fun quiz!

I always love to ask my readers about what they enjoy and I know from multiple surveys that I have done with you guys that you love quizzes!

Also, know how much you truly enjoy personality quizzes in specific.

In today’s quiz, you’ll look at a few abstract images to help you really identify what’s your most dominant personality trait.

You see, you and me, we all have our own unique differences that make us who we are.

And while we just go along with those differences and blame our overall personality for them, there is a reason why we act and react differently.

The reason behind those unique characteristics lies in your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is like pandora’s box!

It’s filled with clues to your innermost secrets that play a significant role in the way you show up to the world.

The way you show up to the world is considered your personality.

Below you’ll find an abstract image-based quiz that’s been designed to help you unveil the subconscious mind secrets, so you are can be more aware of them.

If you want to get the most accurate results, then please answer the questions truthfully. The quiz is anonymous so, besides you, no one will see the answers you provide 🙂

Your answers can help you discover what your most dominant personality trait is.

I bet you will be quite surprised by the results!

So, let’s dive right in!


I know right, I love quizzes too!

So based on my answers for today’s quiz, my most dominant personality trait is passion.

For anyone who knows me or been around me for a little bit, they can attest to that!

Also, the quiz revealed that I am a committed person!

That’s so true as I always give it my all!

I am full of energy and I am passionate about sharing that with the world.

Check out this post below where I was coaching people on how to live fully:

For those of you who got passion as your most dominant trait, may I ask you a question?

Do you find people gravitate around everywhere you go?

There is a reason why people want to be around you.

Your passion is contagious and people want to be around that energy.

Your passion makes you deal with big decisions swiftly and while some may accuse you of being too emotional, you SHOULD BEVER apologize for it. Not to mention, the so-called too emotional part of you is what has helped you get to experience all the amazing things you have in your life.

So, shine on beautiful one and let your passion burn brighter than the sun.

Alrighty, it’s your turn now to share what’s your dominant trait!

Please let me know in the comments below what is your most dominant personality trait.

With love, light, and gratitude,

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Ps. if you enjoyed this fun quiz, please share it with your circle of influence and see what their dominant traits might be 🙂

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