The Art of Letting Go of Negative Money Feelings…

Negative Money Feelings

The Art of Letting Go of Negative Money Feelings…

I believe that abundance is our birthright.

Sadly, not that many people believe this way.

That’s why I continuously write about the importance of positive thinking, gratitude and letting go of negative emotions and how they can improve our outlook on life and our overall abundance and wellbeing.

In today’s article, we will cover one negative emotion that many people to this day and age still suffer from and that’s “Negative Money Feelings.”

I am a big believer in the power of self-discovery, so let me start by asking you the following questions to see where your emotional state is at when it comes to the topic of money?

  • What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the words “Money” or “Rich”?
  • Do you believe that everyone is abundantly provided for, or you believe that there isn’t enough for everyone?
Self Discovery Around Negative Money Feelings

These are two critical questions to ask yourself!

I feel that most people shy away from the topic of how money makes them feel.

From surveying many people, I noticed that most people feel dirty or like they are greedy if they discuss the topic of money.

That’s silly, as MONEY is not a bad thing.

Money is just energy that flows, and if your energy around the topic is restricted, then that’ll reflect in your bank account.

And to make matters worst, most people nowadays feel the need to compete in order to survive, instead of flowing with the rhythm of things.

And to top that off, some might even argue that it’s not spiritual to talk about money. But, I can assure you can still be spiritual and RICH!

Yup, I said it RICH.

If financial security brings you joy, happiness, and gives you the ability to contribute more then, it’s TOTALLY ok to ask for more money and abundance, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about asking for financial abundance.

The belief that you are taking from someone else when asking for more is merely the ego’s way to keep you in the lack mentality club and limited thinking cycle.

I, on the other hand, say you can have anything you ask for; you just have to be open to asking and willing to receiv.

There’s an unlimited supply for everyone!

We are all human, we came the same way to earth and will depart the same way.

There are plenty of opportunities for success available for everyone.

No one is taking from anyone by simply asking for more.

We are all children of The Divine and blessings abound for those who ask and are willing to receive.

I love this book Ask, and It’s Given by Abraham Hicks on the topic of giving and receiving.

I invite you to read it if you haven’t yet.

Get your copy below:

Alrighty, now that I explained to you how we have the same access to the abundance flow, let me guide you on how to release negative money feelings with the help of these heavenly tools:

Tools To Help With Letting Go of Negative Money Feelings:

1. EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique or usually referred to as EFT is a very powerful method ,to release and let go of any negative emotions.

I love Brad Yate’s teaching on the topic. Please find his work below:

negative money feelings
Brad Yates Limiting Beliefs Guidance

Also, release your Negative Money Feelings with this powerful EFT session:

Release Negative Money Feelings with EFT

2. Affirmations For Attracting Abundance and Money

Positive affirmations are one of my favorite tools when it comes to releasing negative money feelings.

Please find below my top 10 Abundance Affirmations:

  • I am abundant, creative and energetic
  • Abundance is my birthright
  • I attract abundance in all areas of my life
  • Money is energy and I am in harmony with money
  • I am open to receiving
  • Blessings of all kind fill my life
  • I trust that The Universe is providing for all my needs
  • Money and abundance are welcome in my life
  • I have more than enough money to pay my bills and to have fun
  • More and more is following to my life on daily basis

Repeating affirmations several times a day keep your mind focused on your target, strengthens your intuition, and reprograms your subconscious mind.

Subconscious Reprogramming

3. Increase Your Energy Flow to Attract Abundance

Money is simply energy, just like everything else.

And we all know that where attention goes, energy flows and then manifestation occurs.

So make sure that your views on the topic of money and abundance are positive so you can flow positive energy into manifesting favorable results.

Keep a tab on your attitudes about money.

Here’s an exercise from one of my mentors on the topic of money and energy flow – give it a try:

Get a money bill, any bill!

negative money feelings
The Bill Expertise To Release Negative Money Feelings

It could be a $1, or a $20… I usually do this excersize with a large bill that feels substantial enough like a $50 or a $100 bill.

Also, keep a pen and piece of paper handy, too.

Take 3 deep breaths as you hold the money bill and gently gaze at it.

Next, ask yourself the question:

How does this money bill make me feel?

Write down any emotions you may feel or thoughts that may pop into your head even if it doesn’t seem to make sense.

Notice how your body reacts, any special visions you see in your mind’s eye, or words that you hear from your subconscious mind.

Write all of them down.

Then, ask the question: Money, what’s my relationship with you and how do I treat you?

Again, write down any thoughts, feelings, and visions you encounter.

Lastly, ask the question: How can I have more of you?

Sit in silence and listen as money speaks to you.

And, while this may seem unorthodox for many, to me, it is simply a self-discovery experience of how you feel now about money and how you can take active measures to alter your outlook for the future.

Repeat that exercise as needed until you become more comfortable with your relationship with money.

You deserve to be wealthy, healthy, and successful!

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4. Active Visualization

One of my favorite tools when it comes to letting go of negative money feelings is active visualization.

I combine my affirmations with my visualization practice and create a powerhouse of a manifestation tool.

When an affirmation is stated, it stirs the emotional side of our subconscious.

The feeling part in charge of our inner GPS.

So, whenever you visualize, affirm to yourself the experience that you want.

Here’s an example of an affirmation while visualizing:

“I am happily living my life purpose as I run my own 7 Figure Business.”

Check out these visualization guided meditations:

Active Visualization to Release Negative Money Feelings

Wishing you abundance and lots of wealth in this life and all future lives!

Till we speak again, may the Divine in you always shine!


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