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A Basic Angel Card Reading

A Divine Archangel Card Reading …

Hello Dear Child,

Welcome to this Basic Angel Card Reading!

This is a simple reading that I felt guided to do for us this month!

If you came about this page, it doesn’t matter how old this post might be; the messages still apply as you attracted this post to you right NOW.

Also, we are all energy and energy is omnipresent, so let the power of this angel card reading lift your spirit and get you on right path mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually!

Using these 44 cards from the Archangel Micheal Oracle Card Deck authored by Hay House, your own angels and spirit guides have come forward with divine messages for you.

I meditated for us with a group intention to attract messages that are timely and relevant for all who come across this post.

I selected 3 cards, photographed below:

A Basic Angel Card Reading - Tarot Reading -1 - 2- 3 Zane Baker Angel Readings
Please Select A Number To Start Your Basic Divine Angel Card Reading!

Please select a card out of the picture above, then keep reading to start your Basic Angel Card Reading.

In addition, a really good rule of thumb is to just consult the card you initially chose for your Basic Angel Card Reading.

It would be better yet to not look at the other cards as they most likely won’t apply to your situation.

The cards used in this free online angel card readings are The Archangel Micheal Oracle Card Deck authored by Hay House.

Get Your Copy Below:

Also, as I selected each card I set the intention that when the person selects the number correlating with the card, he or she gets a divine message that will make absolute sense to them and their exact situation that they are asking about. The message will be timely and there will be interpretations and specific guidance on how to incorporate the Angel Card Reading into your life.

Enjoy Your Basic Angel Card Reading!

Let’s go!

If you selected card # 1, then Archangel Micheal’s Divine Message for You is:

This Is Your Life Purpose

Basic Angel Card Reading - Archangel Michael This is Your Life’s Purpose
Basic Angel Card Reading – Archangel Michael: This is Your Life’s Purpose

Whenever this card appears in my experience, it’s always related to being a call for all lightworkers to start living their divine life purpose.

Lightworkers are people like you and me who have assigned themselves the duty to help humanity heal and evolve.

Accept your call and do your lightworking path through spreading the art of intentional living by teaching concepts like:

Now if you are already on a path but still concerned about a job or a career choice, then worry not, as you are at the right place and the right time.

The right situation is coming, simply trust and have faith.

Keeping a positive attitude is vital.

Other possible meanings of this Card:

– Your prayers are heard
– Trust your intuition on your next steps in life
– Angels are watching over your career or business and your finances

Prayer: Archangel Michael, you know the details of my Divine life purpose, and I ask you to help me be aligned with my goals. Please clearly guide my actions so that I’m taking the best steps to manifest my enjoyable and meaningful career fully.

Read How To Use Your Time Wisely!

Also, for a manifestational boost, I use crystals to help me stay sharp and clear so I can continue to align myself with my purpose.

Check out the qualities of the Amethyst; my favorite stone for clarity and purpose:

If you don’t own an Amythest, then please check this amazing selection from my favorite online trusted source in the crystal world:

If you selected card # 2, then Archangel Michael’s Divine Message for You is:

Use Your Own Imagination And You’ll See The Answer

Basic Angel Card Reading - Archangel Michael Use Your Own Imagination And You'll See The Answer
Basic Angel Card Reading – Archangel Michael: Use Your Own Imagination And You’ll See The Answer

Archangel Michael ~ Use your Imagination… and You’ll See The Answer: “

God has heard your prayers, and Archangel Micheal has given the angles the guidance to help guide you in answering your prayers.

Pay attention to anything that may seem out of the ordinary or unexpected!

When this card appears, it’s an invitation to let go of old paradigms that are not serving us anymore and to uplevel your consciousness.

So get creative, and the solution will appear.

Believe that everything is working out in your own favor and act as if every step you’re taking is leading you in the right direction.

Other Possible Specific Meanings For This Card:

– Then answers are within. Sit down the old fashion way with a pen and paper and start brainstorming
– Impossible is only an opinion. What might seem as impossible to others to you is simply just their opinion. You are the type of person who moves forward with your ideas no matter how far-fetched they may seem
– Your prayers have been answered, pay attention to the signs
– You are fully guided and supported as you pursue your dreams
– List your self limiting beliefs on a piece of paper, and then burn it as a way to clear the old and open your mind to new possibilities
– You are worthy and deserving of God’s heavenly blessings


Dear God, thank you for granting me the wisdom and clarity to see your miracles in renewed ways. I gratefully and gracefully accept and appreciate your healing of (Describe the situation).

Here’s my favorite visualization to help with using imagination for manifestation – Keep an open mind and you’ll be surprised at where that will lead you!

“You Can Manifest Anything!” – Guided Visualization Exercise!

If you selected card # 3, then the Divine Message for You is:


Basic Angel Card Reading - Archangel Michael Self Respect
Basic Angel Card Reading – Archangel Michael: Self-Respect

To achieve the highest levels of success, health, happiness, and abundance, you must start to honor, respect, and love yourself.

Love yourself with the same intentionality you love others.

Please watch this meditation that I did on self-love.

Other Possible Meanings of This Card:

– Build your confidence and self-esteem through self-help and personal growth. Counseling might be helpful too
– If you’re in an abusive relationship or an environment where you are surrounded by toxicity, then this is a call for you to leave that abusive situation
– Let go of addictions, and other unhealthy behaviors that you know deep down aren’t serving you anymore
– Let go of guilt and treat yourself with respect as how you treat yourself is the way you train the world to treat you.


Dear God and Angels,

Thank you for:
– helping me see myself as you see me: through the eyes of love.
– honoring and respecting me as a divine being with a free will

Please guide me to do the same for myself, and grant me the courage to speak up for what’s best for myself. I invite you to support me in providing protection in all of my relationships so that loving and kind people surround me.

These lovely angelic messages were pulled from The Archangel Michael oracle cards by Hay House.

I hope the message that you chose brought more light and clarity to your life.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Angelic Luv,
Xoxo, Zane

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