How To Use The Law of Attraction: The Law of Attraction Explained

How To Use The Law of Attraction LOA Explained

Since the release of the movie the secret in 2006, the law of attraction has been a hot topic of discussion.

Fast forward to today and the topic is still HOT!

Now, there are many misconceptions when it comes to learning how to use the law of attraction.

Therefore, I decided to write this article in which we’ll explore how the law of attraction really works and how to use it?

My goal from this article is to help you in:

  • Understanding what the law of attraction is?
  • How to use it and implement it in your life for maximum effect?
  • How to stop it from sabotaging your plans for the future?


Let’s dig-in!

How To Use The Law of Attraction
How To Use The Law of Attraction

My mission is to help you get your hands on the MOST relevant and accurate information on any given topic.

Today, my hope is that you have a full understanding of the topic of the Law of Attraction.

When It comes to personal development, experts and gurus alike have approached the subject of “The Law of Attraction” from this angle…

And, here’s what they are saying about it:

The Law of Attraction Used to Be A BIG SECRET.

The Law of Attraction Explained: How To Use The Law of Attraction
The BIG Secret!

This *SECRET* believed to turn your mind into a MENTAL MAGNET…

A magnet that’s so powerful that once activated fully, it can help you to automatically draw friends, power, love, and money into your life almost instantly!

I personally think that this is an exaggerated definition.

That law of attraction is NOT some fairy dust or magic pill that’ll change your life overnight.

However, it’s a LAW that if applied correctly, it has the potential to yield you AMAZING results!

So, What’s The REAL and TRUE Meaning Behind The Law of Attraction?

Simply put, it’s the law that’s built of the concept of “like attracts like“!

And since everything is made of energy, including our thoughts then we can influence our manifestation power by shifting our energy.

When focusing on our thought patterns “positive or negative”, we start to attract positive or negative experiences based on our pattern.

Don’t overanalyze it, it is really that simple!

Now That You Understand How to Use The Law, Is Working for You?

How To Use The Law of Attraction
Is the Law of Attraction working for you?

If you’ve seen the movie The Secret“, I am sure you saw the line-up of uber-successful people that the movie featured!

They all made it seem that using the law is so effortless.

I know when I watched the movie in 2007, I was skeptical. And then this thought came into my mind:

“There’s got to be more to it than just thinking.”

Well, guess what? My gut feeling was right…

There is more to the law than THINKING!

I mean, surely you can’t just sit out there and expect all the good things to fall out of the sky and into your lap!

The REAL secret here is to CREATIVELY MANIFEST what you want into your life!


By understanding how the law of attraction really works!

The Missing Link:

In short, the law of attraction works!

It’s been proven by the vast number of people who are using it daily, some without even knowing it exists in the first place.

Those people are doing the following:

Thoughts + Actions = Results

How To Use The Law of Attraction
How To Use The Law of Attraction

Your thought patterns are responsible for your results!

And you thought patterns stem from your subconscious beliefs.

These subconscious beliefs affect your thoughts. Then your thoughts turn into emotions and feelings that will influence the way you to take action.

The actions you’ll take will eventually lead you to the end results.

So What Kind of Results Are You Creating?

If the life you have is not what you really want then simply know that the thought patterns that you carry within you are influencing your life.

To create the life you seek, where results are AWESOME, your thoughts must be aligned and are 100% in congruence with the desired end results.

In other words, your thoughts are the “acorn” which you plant!

Water those acorns, feed and nurture them over a period of time, and before you know it, you’ll grow a lush forest.

Now Let Me Teach You How to Stop The LOA From Sabotaging Your Plans.

The Law of Attraction Explained: How To Use The Law of Attraction

Your consistent thoughts will eventually manifest themselves in the results of your daily life.

This universal law makes it possible for anyone who knows how to use it to live the life of their dreams!

So, remember this:

The thought seed that you “plant” into your mind when practicing the law of attraction will bring you results similar to the seed of that original thought.

Once you plant the seed, water, fertilize and nourish that seed!

Caring for the seed combined with patience and persistence will help that seed to grow into a plant that will break ground.

The Law is Simple: Plant Once, Be Patient and a Budding New Plant Will Grow.

The Law of Attraction Explained: How To Use The Law of Attraction
Hope & Believe In Your Vision!

So there is no need to keep digging it up and planting something else every few hours or days.

You have to decide what you want, and then plant the seed and give it some TLC “Tender Love and Care” and wait for the law of attraction to do its job.

For most people, the hardest thing to do is to be decisive on knowing what we truly want and to keep believing in it even when we don’t see immediate results.

Remember, it all begins with your subconscious beliefs…

So for a while, as you re-align your beliefs and thought patterns, you get to remain calm.

And if you want to expand your knowledge on the law of attraction, then I invite to learn more from this amazing resource:

How To Use The Law of Attraction
Learn How To Use The Law of Attraction!

Have faith, keep the momentum going, and don’t give up.

For as long as you keep planting the right seeds and following through with
patience and persistence, you’ll reap a bountiful harvest in time.

To a more successful and prosperous you!


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