The Biggest Law of Attraction Misconception

Law of Attraction Misconception

The law of attraction is one of the most powerful tools we have in our possession today to change our lives drastically and faster than we could ever imagine!

The simple idea that thinking something can result in that very thing appearing, in reality, is one that a lot of people can’t really get their heads around…

And for good reason.

On the surface, the law of attraction looks very, very strange.

Some would even go as far as calling it pseudoscience.

In reality, however, the law of attraction is one of the most powerful abilities that we humans innately have.

Despite its power, the law of attraction has a lot of different misconceptions attached to it.

Let’s go over the biggest of those misconceptions and what they really mean… But before that let’s explain a little bit about how the law really works on a deeper level.

A level beyond the think and it should happen….

On the surface, the law of attraction looks very, very strange.
The law of attraction

How the Law of Attraction Really Works

There are a lot of different ways of the law of attraction works.

Now we could start by explaining vibration and how everything happens on a quantum, molecular level, but to be quite honest with you… That’s a little bit much.

Let’s start at the basics.

The law of attraction is one of effort.

It isn’t based on desire.

The foundation of the law of attraction is consistently believed to be a thought.

This isn’t actually true because the fact is that the law of attraction is founded on emotion.

That’s right! Emotion. Bear with me here…

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Everything you ever manifest depends first on your emotional state and secondly on your thoughts.

Although you can’t have one without the other, emotions are massively important and developing the law of attraction is equivalent to working to improve your vibration and your emotional state.

Success, The Law of Attraction and Effort

The Law of Attraction and Effort
Success is dependent on effort.

Remember when I said the law of attraction is based on effort?

Let me explain.

Now, although the universe is an infinite supply of abundance.

The law of attraction dictates that you cannot receive without first giving.

As a matter of fact, giving is the bigger aspect.

Just like in all other facets of life. You can’t expect to receive something without any effort. The law of attraction to the same.

Think about it this way…

One day if you decide that you want a new car, are you going to just think it into reality?

Of course not! I know this isn’t what most manifestation gurus are going to tell you but it is the truth.

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To put it simply manifestation is not a game of thinking…

It requires tons of action and effort.

Think of the law of attraction and manifestation as a way of letting the universe know that you are now ready to welcome that new abundance into your life.

A lot of the time, what’s going to happen is the law of attraction is going to reveal new opportunities to you.

You otherwise would never have noticed them!

Now that we’ve gone over the law of attraction… Let’s talk about the misconception!

The Biggest Misconception

Law of Attraction Biggest Misconception
The Biggest Misconception about The Law of Attraction

The biggest misconception about the law of attraction (we’ve actually already briefly touched on it) is the lack of work people think is acceptable.

The fact of the matter is that you need to put in work.

Despite all this, the reality is that you might actually see that the people that put in the most work often end up with the least… Why?

Because a lot of the time people work against the law of attraction.

What I’m trying to say is if you spend a lot of your time and effort working at a job you don’t enjoy; your vibration will be lower.

With the law of attraction, you can direct your energy towards bringing you exactly where you want to be.

Now, you might be wondering… How does the law of attraction even matter then?

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Well, the law of attraction is absurdly important.

Without it, your efforts are likely to be wasted.

Think of the law of attraction as what gives you everything you need to succeed.

It’s definitely incredibly important, but there’s more to it.

Nobody became a millionaire by only thinking.

If you’re successfully manifesting something then you will know exactly what you need to do to make it a reality.

That’s the Magic of the law of attraction.

Let’s Wrap Up!

To summarize everything, the law of attraction is fundamentally based on generosity because you get to give the effort in order to receive the reward!

If you don’t commit to success and mastering whatever it is you’re doing as well as making the best out of your life then the law of attraction will not work for you.

On the other hand, if you do commit to success and making a real difference in your life and manifesting whatever it is you desire then you will succeed…

As long as you know that you get to commit some serious effort to your cause.

Thoughts without action lead to frustration.

So go out and make it happen!

To a marvelous future,


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