What is Crystal Healing and Does It Work?

The power of healing with crystals Benefits of Quartz

Healing with Crystals and The Science Behind it!

What is Crystal Healing?

It’s a very valid and good question that I love to answer!

By now, I got used to the look people give me when I say I work with crystals for healing, spiritual, and emotional growth.

Once people get over their first reaction and then the that’s way too woo-woo for me phase, then they ask me these two questions:

What is crystal healing exactly?


Does it really work?

Well, before we get to the science behind what crystal healing is, let me give you a brief history about crystals.

Crystals have been used as talismans and amulets in many cultures and civilizations throughout history.

The earliest written reference of the use of crystals dates back to Ancient Sumeria.

Also, the Egyptians heavily used lapis lazuli, clear quartz, turquoise, and emeralds for protection, vitality, and safety.

Native Americans also used crystals such as clear quartz for purification and obsidian for protection.

Crystals and their uses are linked to the legendary stories of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Additionally, mentions of crystals are found in many holy books like the Bible, the Quran, and other religious texts.

So there is no denying that for as long as we existed as a human species, we had an affinity for crystals and gemstones.

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Now, let’s get down and dirty by understanding what is crystal healing and does it really work?

The Science Behind Healing With Crystals

Each crystal is composed of a repeating geometric patterns that are fixed.

Which means the crystal’s chemical formula is set in stone so to speak [No Pun intended]

And with that level of molecular geometric patterning, the vibration of the crystal becomes unique and never changing (Stable)

Crystal are composed of a repeating geometric design.

Basically, each crystal has a specific vibration, and because the crystal’s vibration is stable, then the crystal can influence other unstable vibrations around it.

But first, let me explain what that mombo-jumbo means.

I am sure you are aware of Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc².

Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.

You know from your science class at school.

What Einstein was really trying to tell us is that the world is made of vibration and frequencies.

Therefore everything in life is made of vibrations.

Which means your thoughts, all of your organs, your entire body is made up of frequencies, or vibrations.

Also, our body is made of different organs and tissues with different frequencies and vibrations.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a renowned biologist, geneticist, and epigenetics, shared that research confirms that our body’s cells adjust to resonate with environmental changes in term of frequencies.

Checkout Dr. Lipton’s Book the Biology of Belief – I highly recommend it!

And since everything in our entire universe is made of frequencies and vibration.

So that means our emotions, feelings, and physical bodies have vibrations and frequencies, too.

Crystals act as an oscillator to those frequencies.

Oscillations are waves.

Different forms of matter oscillate at different frequencies.

Our human body is consistent of organs that are made of matter that oscillates at different frequencies.

Crystals have what’s known in science as stable (DOR).

DOR means dominant oscillatory rate, the stability of the DOR of any crystal is because they are made of repeatedly geometric patterns that are stable in their vibration.

Different crystals have different DORs.

So when a crystal with a certain DOR is introduced to the energy field of the human body, that’s when crystal healing begins.

So that’s the science, now does crystal healing really work?

In short, not just YES, but HECK YES!

Now I want to explain the how for you so you’re 100% aware of all the facts.

Crystal healing has been applied as a healing modality for physical, emotional and spiritual healing

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How healing with Crystals help heal the body?

The physical manifestation of ailment comes when our body is not in alignment.

So, when the human body is out of alignment or balance, then it has a high level of entropy.

Entropy means disorder.

And because a crystal has a stable DOR, then the crystal has a very low state of entropy.

Therefore when a crystal is introduced to an out of balance physical body, then the crystal will start to entrain, or oscillates the energy of the cells of the body.

This leads to a reduction in the state of entropy in the cell structure of the human body which leads to increased states of wellness, health, and longevity.

Please note that time, ways and length of application of the crystals may vary.

So in short, crystals do their magic by entraining the cells of the human body, to oscillate at the stable DOR of the crystal.

Crystal healing is also excellent for emotional and spiritual healing.

One of the ways healing with crystals is applied for emotional and spiritual healing is by re-aligning, and re-balancing the chakra system.

Here’s a quick review of the Chakra system:

There are 7 main chakras (energy centers) that are associated with the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the body.

First, please check this illustration below:

Chakras and their locations - chakra stones
Courtesy of bodyspiritual.com

Crystals have been used often to rebalance the energy and the vibration of a given chakra which leads to increased energy flow to the chakra and that helps heal different aspects of our physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Each chakra has a specific color that resonates with crystals of that color family.

Here’s my favorite 7 Chakras Essential Oils & 7 Healing Crystals Set:

I hope you TRULY enjoyed this crystal healing article!

With love, light, and gratitude,
Crystal blessings,


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