Riding the Winds of Change With Grace and Mindfulness

Condensed wisdom on how to navigate the winds of change.

Winds of Change

In this article we get to talk about the topic of change!

Here’s a little rhyme that kinda popped into my head, I hope you like…

Oh, the winds of change…

Always blowing and never slowing…

Oh, the winds of change…

Always helping me growing…

What y’all think of this little rhyme?

When I typed the term Winds of Change into google, I found the following definition from the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

Definition of the Winds of Change

Throughout my journey, I learned that change is inevitable.

Also accompanied by change, or as I like to call it “Transition Period”, comes a sense of unease.

Sometimes it feels as if part of us is dying – even if the change is for the better.

So there is no denying that change is hard.

Any change is hard, both in personal life or business.

Now, if you want to change something in your life, then I invite you to read the book “Switch”!

In my opinion “Switch” is the ultimate blueprint to change.

Use the book as a guide as you learn how change works.

Even though the book is deeply rooted in psychology, yet it’s written in a simple, and effective language making it easy to understand and apply.

How To Cope With Change?

winds of change. 
Coping with change!

What had the largest impact in my life when it came to change is is when I welcomed the change.

Sometimes I went as far as seeking change in the first place.

And while navigating the winds of change, I learned that change is only temporary.

Besides that, change can be dealt with mindfully and gracefully!

So, I invite you today to do the same!

You have the opportunity to decided that change is occurring.

Also, you can choose to look at change as a growth period and give yourself the chance to test something new.

So if the winds of change are blowing your way and you’re feeling lost, simply acknowledge the emotion.

Appreciate the journey and honor the struggle.

And always remember that this to shall pass.

Lastly, here’s a mindfulness meditation that I truly love and that helped me cope with change as I cultivate self-love on a very deep level.


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