Personality Eye Test Determines Your True Personality

Personality Eye Test

Hello Rockstars,

I am back with another one of my fun and sometimes addictive tests and quizzes.

This one is a Personality Eye Test. Just go through the multiple choices answers for the questions and violla at the end it spits out your results. Go Give a try and don’t forget to let me know your results.

Personality Eye Test Determines Your True Personality

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By know you know I am big on sharing, so here are my results:

Zane, according to your results you are a perfectionist. This eye test confirms that you are very sharp and detail oriented. Everyone who gets to work with you cannot help but notice your close attention to detail. You succeed in your endeavors due to your work ethics and your determinations to work extremely hard to achieve your goals. You hate failure, which is why you’re so attentive and detail oriented. Your perfectionist personality helps you not to miss something important and possibly make a mistake.

Personally, the test is 99% accurate for me as I am very detail oriented and I work hard, I mean really hard!

The only part that I have personally accepted and started to work on is my perfectionist personality. I have taught myself not to sweat the little things. I also have taught myself to accept that things might go wrong at times and that’s an opportunity to learn something new or perfect something that has been working. So all and all I am pretty happy with the results 🙂

Now it’s your turn, share with me your results! We are all here to learn from each others and become a better version of who we were yesterday!

So let’s learn and grow together, grow wiser, healthier and happier.


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  1. I’m a realist but that’s OK. I can compartmentalize and be a dreamer when I want or visualize what I’d like things to really be.
    But day to day, I know what is and can go from there.


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