Which Emotion Will Guide Your Subconscious This Year?

Which Emotion Will Guide Your Subconscious

Successful people always know which emotion guide their subconscious.

Why you might ask?

Cause our emotions are meant to be used as a guide for the subconscious mind.

Sadly, most people are going on with their lives without paying attention to how they feel.

Even more, they have no idea how their feelings are affecting their subconscious behavior.

Knowing which emotion will guide your subconscious this year is helpful!

Our internal forces constantly changing, especially at this fast-paced day and age.

Getting to know our emotions and our trigger points can deem essential for our growth and long term wellbeing.

One resource that was essential for my understanding of emotions and how they influence our overall behavior is the book of Emotional Intelligence.

If you don’t own a copy, get your hand on Daniel Goleman‘s Bestseller Book below:

Now, let’s find out which emotion will influence your subconscious the most this year.

Hit the Let’s Play Button:

So what was your results from the quiz?

Did you find which emotion will be guiding your subconscious?

Did you like your results?

Please let me know in the comment section below.

With love, Light and Gratitude,


Ps. To understand the subconscious mind and our emotions even more, here’s a selection of books to help:

I read each one of these 4 books and they all have helped me better understand myself which in turn enabled me to understand those around me.

Emotional Awareness is a term I like to use often which means being aware of how your feelings are affecting your thoughts, actions, and behavior.

Expand your emotional awareness with this collection:

The Art of Letting Go of Negative Money Feelings…

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