Angel Number 11 Meanings – What Makes It So Special?

why I keep seeing angel number 11

Angel Number 11 carries special messages for you, sent by your angels.

If you’ve been seeing the number 11 repeatedly, then this is a message for you.

ANGEL NUMBER 11 is a master number.

This number may show up in many different ways.

For Example:

  • You look at the clocks, and it’s 11 AM
  • A car passes by, and license ends with number 11
  • You pay for something, and the total is 11 or ends with 11

No matter how the number appears time to learn the meaning behind this master karmic number.

This Karmic Master number brings forward the attributes of:

  • Enlightenment & Illumination
  • Creativity & Motivation
  • High Energy & Self-expression
  • Mystical Experiences

Let’s explore 11 simple interpretations and meanings behind number 11.

1. Your Purpose is Seeking Expression

This mystical number is known to start showing in our lives when we need a hint to begin identifying our life purpose and start living it.

So what are you waiting for? Write this book, take this course, launch this business. There is no better time than now.

2. You’re A Lightworker

If angel number 11 starts to appear in your life, pay attention to where you at in your life.

When this number started to show in my life, I was beginning to feel unfulfilled with my career as a corporate trainer.


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During that time, I started to ask about what I wanted to do with my life and how to serve my purpose.

That lead me to discover that I am a lightworker, and my mission in life is to teach people how to end their suffering using tools like:

Trust that divinity and the angels are supporting you on your path as a lightworker.

3. Your Attitude is The Key

When angel number 11 starts to show, another meaning is that the angels are inviting you to check your thoughts.

Are your thoughts aligned with what you want to manifest?

Start paying special attention to any thoughts and ideas.

Maintain a positive and optimisitc attiude.

Affirmation-Based meditations are great for cultivating a positive attitude.

4. Express Your Creativity

When number 11 starts to show, it’s usually accompanied by expanded consciousness.

As you expand, you start to come to new understandings of life and what’s contributing to our success or lack of it.

Expressing your unique perspectives and teachings and contributing to evolving human consciousness, it’s part of your life path.

5. Enhance Your Intuition

We all have an inner compass that guides us.

Sadly we lost touch with that compass as we started to grow up.

Adding that we live in a digital age that’s conditioning us to rely on an app to check the weather and the news to decide what to buy.

Cultivate your intuitive side with meditation and unplugging at least once a week.

Number 11 is telling you to rely on your inner-wisdom and let your intuition guide you.

6. You Are in Manifestation Stage

Another essential meaning for 11 is that you’re manifesting things into your life.

So if you put in the work, don’t worry and trust as number 11 is appearing to let you know that all is well and manifestation is near.

Trust the process.

7. Practice Love and Kindness

We live in harsh times, and many around us are going through their own hardships.

Seeing Master Angel Number 11 is a message from above to share inspiration and encouragement to help all of humanity.

8. You’re Awakening

We are spiritual beings, having human experiences.

When you start seeing number 11, that’s a sign from your spirit hinting that you’re awakening to fulfill your life purpose.

As we get close to our purpose, we transmute personal power to a higher, more spiritual power.

Connecting us with the Divine.

9. Your Spirit Wants to Connect with You

We are so busy all the time that we are hardly ever present.

Angel Number 11 is a message from your spirit to invite you to take time for yourself to do activities like:

  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Cultivating Abundance
  • Expressing Gratitude

Number 11 is simply letting you know to take more time journeying and to let the magic of life enters your everyday experiences.

10. Excitement is in The Air

If you keep seeing number 11, consider yourself lucky!


Cause number 11 is known for the manifestation of new experiences.

So be excited and keep your eyes open for new opportunities, friendships, or relationship.

11. Number 11 also relates to Angel Number 2 (1+1=2).

Angel number 2 is known for carrying the vibrations of:

  • Service and duty towards humanity
  • Harmony and balance in work and relationships
  • Adaptability to change and diplomacy during change
  • Cooperation and consideration
  • Being receptive to love
By being aware of the meanings behind this master number!

The more you work with the number, the more you’ll find yourself able to identify the best actions to take when going through change.

Angel number 11 is truly a blessed number!

Much love,

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