The True and Secret Meaning of Angel Number 55

If you keep seeing the number 55 everywhere you go, then you're in luck. One of the most common angel numbers that most people see often is angel number 55.

Angel Number 55 meaning and signs

Angel Number 55 and it’s Meaning Explained

Angel Number 55 is a mighty sign from up above, letting you know to pay attention.

Because Angel Number 55 consists of the number 5 repeated twice, this number’s vibration, attributes, and energies are amplified, and double enforced.

Generally, angel number 55 carries the vibrations of:

  • Adventure and curiosity
  • Being adaptable
  • Accepting life challenges
  • Learning from life lessons
  • Allowing positivity to lead the way
  • Trusting life choices
  • Change and transformation

Divine Messages:

If number 55 started to appear in your life often, then there are quite a few possibilities.

Please read each one and see which one resonates with you and your energy.

# 1 – Change is in the air.

When number 55 appears, one of the most common signs that have been confirmed by many around the globe is CHANGE.

OMG, I used the C word.

Guys, don’t worry, change is inevitable.

At least with number 55 it’s a sign that’s change is coming so might as well get prepared for it.


Pay attention to the thoughts you think, the words you speak, and the actions you take.

Thoughts are the language of the mind.

Words are the language of the soul.

What you think and say will influence your life positively or negatively.

Be immaculate with your words.

# 2 – Time to let go:

Another common sign for a repeating 55 is it’s a sign to let go.


  • Let go of old habits
  • Also, let go of negative people
  • Let go and release toxic relationship
  • And let go of fear, insecurity, doubt, etc.

By letting of that is no longer positively serving you, you allow new magical opportunities and solutions to appear.

# 3 – Time to reinvent yourself

Since number 55 signifies change and letting go of old patterns, then seeing 55 could mean that it’s time to reinvent yourself.

Welcome new experiences, and opportunities,

Most people dread change, you on the other side get to use replacement for your advantage.

Start over, create new stories, and imprint memories.

Be present, be intentional, be creatively curious.

# 4 – Ask for divine support

Because number 55 carries the vibration of change and transformation, then don’t you panic amidst the change.

If you’re struggling to remain focus and positive and to keep up with all that change, then simply ask your guardian angels for divine assistance.

This change you might be going through could be the best thing that happens to you.

Trust this divine process and know that all is well.

# 5 – Time for an attitude check

This sign is significant when number 55 starts to show up everywhere; phone numbers, receipts, clocks, license plates, you can’t seem to escape number 55.

So when you see number 55, ask yourself this question:

What’s my attitude today?

If your attitude is not aligned with your big mission and vision, then it’s time to correct that as we all know, angel number 55 means change is coming.

Simply put, angel Number 55 is an invitation to remain positive and to keep a gentile attitude about your journey as a divine being of creation.

# 6 – Honor thyself

Also, number 55 could mean that you’ve been neglecting yourself for a while.

Take some time to honor yourself. Connect with your inner child, find out what are your passions, and hobbies.

Get to know yourself better, cultivate your strengths, focus more on your ability, and simply understand that the BETTER you show to the world, the BETTER world you get to show up to too!

Fun insights about Angel Number 55:

  • It carries the vibration of number 1 as (5+5=10 and 1+0=1), so 55 reduced is Angel Number 1.
  • It’s a powerful master number. 55 is 5 times the power of master number 11 (5X11=55), and that makes it a higher frequency vibrational number.
  • It carries the vibration of FREEDOM. Since 55 brings the energy of change, then of we embrace change, then we can gain freedom from, i.e., time freedom, financial freedom.. (Think about it…)

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So if angel number 55 keeps making appearances in your life, then be ready for massive changes.

Be glad when you continue seeing this angel number as it represents opportunities for transformation.

Remain positive, honor yourself, and continue to take aligned action that rings true to your core values and belief.

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