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Angel Card Reading

An Angel Card Reading …

Greetings Divine Being,

Zane here, your angel intuitive guide for today’s Divine Messages.

If you came on this page, that means one of my divine readings have lead you here.

Most readers do readings for a specific date, day, week, month, etc. which is more of the standard approach to a given angel card reading.

I, on the other hand, have been guided to take a different approach and make the messages more divinely timed as opposed to our human linear time.

After all, we are all energetic beings existing on the energetic space across all times past, present and future, so why waste a divine message by putting a time limit on it.

I did the reading in the evening after an hour-long meditation to one of my favorite Meditative Mind Tracks. I love it so much that I get to share it with you – please use it and let me know your thoughts:

After I finished my meditation, I drew 3 cards.

Please look at the image below and select a card number that speaks to you.

This is an Angel Card Reading, so don’t over think it, just select the one that you feel attracted to the most.

doreen virtue angel card

I drew the cards with the intention that when the person selects the number correlating with the card, he or she gets a divine message that will make absolute sense to them and their exact situation that they are inquiring about. The message will be divinely timed and there will be suggestions and inspirations on how to incorporate the Angel Card Reading into your life.

I used the Crystal Angels Deck from my favorite Former Angel Goddesses Doreen Virtue who helped awaken my intuitive gift when I did one of her release meditations for chakra re-alignment. Please check some of Doreen’s Best Work Below:

Now let’s dive into the Angel Card Reading. Scroll down to the number you selected and read the message.

Let’s go!

If you selected card # 1, then the Divine Message for You is:

Answered Prayers:

If you’ve been praying for a solution or a miracle to a concern or a problem, then worry no more as God has heard your prayers and they are being answered in divine timing.

It’s important to stay optimistic during uncertain or hard times and to keep absolute faith that solutions will be delivered and all is and will be well.

Also, this card is a sign that your heart is ready to release any pain, aches or resentment that might have accumulated along your journey. It’s time to let go and release these blocks and open your self to the Divine Healing that forgiveness always opens the space for.

Actions to help incorporate this divine message into your life.

Read 7 Reasons to Forgive and Forget.

Also, for alternative healing modalities, please check this EFT Emotional Freedom Technique Session where the focus is healing through forgiveness.

Great Crystal and Color Therapy to incorporate this message into your life:

Colors to wear or surround yourself with and Crystals to carry:

Green and Peach Colors. Example: Wear a green shirt, have a peach for a snack, go outside and ground in the green grass, drink peach flavored tea. Get creative with this – I personally love incorporating colors into my life through food, clothing and creative actions.

The color green is great for forgiveness as it keeps the heart chakra charged as you process your emotions and peach is the color of optimism and as you stay optimistic, your allow blessings and miracles to come into your life.

A crystal to help: Unakite which is green and peach in color, and great for keeping the heart and solar plexus stay charged.

If you don’t own an Unakite, then please check this cute unakite angel from my favorite online trusted source in the crystal world:

If you selected card # 2, then the Divine Message for You is:

Let Yourself Feel All Your Emotions:

The energy surrounding this card is one of amplified expression of emotions.

This card is simply a divine message for you that whatever you’re going through is temporary and that it’s ok to feel the way you’re feeling.

This is also a reminder that if you’re feeling let’s say sad or depressed, and while it’s ok to feel these emotions and acknowledge their effect on you, but it’s not ok to dwell in those emotions and to make them a way of living.

Best way to allow feelings to be processed is to keep an open heart.

My favorite instant crystal goodie fix for this situation is to lie down with a rose quartz on my heart chakra to help open my heart to forgiveness and release and to allow the healing to replace the departed emotions and a clear quartz near my crown chakra to help the divine messages and the divine healing to come through.

I encourage you to wear the color pink for full heart chakra re-charge.

And to add in an extra kick wear a rose quart or quartz crystal pendant like the ones below:

If you selected card # 3, then the Divine Message for You is:

Deep Emotional Healing:

This is a very timely message that you are ready now to let go of whatever emotion that might be blocking your growth.

At one time or another, we were all guilty of holding on to emotions and not releasing them in a timely manner.

And by doing so, creating a repressed feeling that gets lodged into our body which can ultimately lead to ailment and dis-ease.

Also, this is a message to tell you to let go of the past and to focus on the present. Letting go is key to spiritual growth and allowing an abundance of all sorts to come into our lives.

Ways to incorporate this Angel Card Reading message into your life:

Here’s a fantastic FREE letting go meditation from my favorite meditation duet, The Honest Guys to help you live from a mindful place while letting go…

A great crystal for deep emotional healing is Azurite.

This very detailed piece from our friends at HealingWithCrystals.Net about AZURITE AND YOUR FEELINGS is #EPIC.

Azurite heals emotional trauma from present and past lives at the mental level. It promotes karmic healing of negative energy patterns brought forward from other lifetimes. Azurite initiates intense transformation and transcendence. It encourages breakthroughs when a healing process seems stuck. Azurite dissolves emotional blocks and negativity. It will heal confusion, aid healers, mediators, and psychics. It will increase your healing abilities and visualisation.

Azurite clears stress, worry, grief and sadness.

It allows you to show your emotions in a new light, and transmutes fears and phobias and brings an understanding as to why they occurred in the first place.

Azurite will settle someone down who talks too much out of nervousness. It also helps those who have no mind to mouth filter.

If you don’t own one yet, get one here:

Wow, what an awesome reading!

I noticed that the entire reading was focused on the emotional side of the self.

Also, I kept getting the guidance for all of us to simply be present and let go of past emotions.

My hope is that you enjoyed these divine angel card reading messages.

Please share this article on Facebook or Pin it to Pinterest if you found it helpful.

Lastly, let me know your thoughts about the message that you selected. And how the angel card message applied to your current situation in the comment section at the bottom of this post.

Angelic Luv,

DISCLAIMER: As always when discussing these sorts of topics, let me clarify this post by saying that I’m no doctor. And this is in NO WAY considered as I am giving you any medical advice. I’m just telling you what worked for ME. If you choose to use any recommendations given here, I advise you to take this to your doctor first. This info should be used as a compliment to a well rounded holistic healthcare plan.

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