The Power of Intention Setting During The New Moon Phase

As the new moon arrives, it is time to set your intentions in motion. Learn the art of new moon manifestation.

The Power of Intention Setting During The New Moon Phase

A step-by-step comprehensive new moon intention setting guide to helping you release, renew and transform.


The period of a new moon is known to bring with it the energy of new beginnings, renewal, new hope, growth, and transformation

The period of a new moon is celebrated amongst many cultures.

Rituals and unique offerings are also known to accompany this highly celebrated period.

My auntie told me when I was a kid to make a wish whenever I see a new moon, and to this date, I still make a wish on every new moon.

However, I did upgrade from wish making during the new moon to intention setting.

I believe with all my heart that a wish is nothing other than an intention set with so much clarity and conviction. 

In today’s article, I’ll share with you how to harness the power of the new moon period to create growth, expansion, and manifestation. 

During the new moon, I invite you to connect with the Universal Cosmic Power and set forth your intention with clarity.

Go forth with an open mind, heart, and spirit.

The best time to do any celebration is starting the week leading up the new moon and then set new intentions during the new moon period.

Use this magical time to ignite your destiny with a big push from the renewal energy of the new moon.

Most people, waste so much time trying to figure out how to create their dream life when their time is much better spent knowing what to create in the first place. 

Now is the time to be 100% clear about manifesting what you really want into your life.

So align yourself with the energy of the New Moon.

Empower, ignite, and charger your vibration to become one with the New Moon Universal Cosmic Vibration through the power of your clear intention.

Please follow these steps to create a magical New Moon intention:

1. Dedicate And Set Your Intentions

This is the step that I encourage you to do generously and go all out.

So clear your space with some sage or Palo Santos. I like to recite this mantra from Sarah Prout when I clear my space:

“Dear Universe, May I now be permitted to clear this space so that my intentions can flow clearly from my heart onto paper. So be it, so it is.”

Also, bring your pretty crystals.

Here are three crystals that are great for any New Moon Crystal Kit:
  1. Selenite: The Ultimate Energy Cleanser. When releasing negative emotions or letting go during a new moon, selenite is quite impactful. Release negativity and stuck energy and revive your mind, body, and spirit.
  2. Citrine: The perfect wealth and prosperity stone. Great during the new moon for setting new intentions. 
  3. Black Tourmaline: I love this crystal to for it’s grounding effect. I love to ground the positive energy that the Citrine generates and lock it while I set my intention. 

Feel free to use essential oils if you like “Mandarine and Jasmin are best during the new moon.”

In short, do whatever your heart desires to create a magical experience.

Sometimes, I even go as far as getting a special paper with some unique designs like a mandala or an OM sign or an angel to use for writing my intention.

Some might enjoy lighting a candle. Others might enjoy soft music. 

Now time for the second and most neglected step that most people miss on when setting new intentions.

2. Write Down Your Intention:

The Power of Intention Setting During The New Moon Phase

Most people say their intentions. 

I am a firm believer in writing them down on paper to have more of an active part in the co-creation process. 

When setting an intention, especially during the new moon, please be very clear.

Writing I want more money or more love or more time-off is not clear enough.

If you want more money, write things like: “I am THANKFUL for manifesting a $5,000 raise, or I am GRATEFUL that my tax return came on time, or I am THANKFUL for generating an extra $500 in income this month.”

If you want more love or more time-off, be specific of the type of person to experience love with, or how much extra time off you want.

Writing and setting clear intentions is a key step for manifesting any new things into your life.

3. Meditate “Outdoors If Possible”

The Power of Intention Setting During The New Moon Phase

Once you finish writing your intentions, then it’s time to connect to your spirit.

This is the time to go deep and visualize over your goals and intentions. 

Take as long as you need to focus on aligning yourself with the vibrations of your intentions.

Meditation is really an essential step in the manifestation process. 

This is because when you relax during meditation, you enter a state of flow with the Universe. 

When you visualize in this state, your brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s not. So, harness the energy of the new moon for renewal and ponder over your goals and dreams. 

Envision yourself with getting all that God and the Universe have in store for you. 

Please enjoy this Guided New Moon Meditation that has been watched by people all over the globe:

If you like the audio version of this meditation, please request a FREE MP3 copy by emailing me here:

If any negative thoughts come during your meditations, just observe the thoughts without any judgment.

Shower those thoughts with love and remember that abundance is your birthright and that all is well.

I love to visualize this quote from Rumi:

So, as you can see the New Moon phase is a great time to let go with old and to welcome the new with an open arm and heart.

The new moon brings forth a sense of inner peace

People experience more love, expanded compassion, and notice signs of alignment like finding pennies and feathers.

Manifesting becomes almost instant when these states become your way of being. 

So keep aligning as you set your new intentions this new moon period.

With love and light,


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Please be open and willing and don’t miss out on the freeing effect of the Moon Energy.

Magical Moon Blessings,


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