How To Work With The Full Moon Energy For Releasing and Letting Go?

A full moon ceremony is essentially an intentional ceremony you take on the night of a full moon.

Dream Life Full Moon Energy Ceremony

A step-by-step comprehensive full moon ceremony guide to help you release, heal, and transform.

The full moon is an amazing and powerful time to release and transform the energies of any low vibrations, feelings, thoughts, or ideas.

I personally love the full moon and use this great time to tie any loose ends and bring things into completion.

Just like the moon coming full circle to complete a full cycle, we as humans get to do the same.

In this article, I’ll share with you a beautiful full moon ceremony that I practice and use to harness the power of the full moon.

I use this time to release and let go of the old and make space for the new magic to manifest into my life.

And you can do it, too!

First things first, let’s get intentional.

full moon ceremony guide
Let’s get intentional this full moon period!

In order to clear something, you must first know what you need clearing in the first place.

So, I invite you to get a pen and paper and jot down any feelings or emotions, thoughts, or ideas that are negative or make you feel low every time you think about them.

Dump whatever is residing in your mind into the paper.

I call this process brain-dumping.

If you have a traumatic event that you like to clear, events like the betrayal of a friend, infidelity, or indiscretion of a spouse, past pain inflicted by a specific person or group of people, then the full moon time is a great time to transform those events and release them from your consciousness.

Brain dumping is a great way to declutter the mind and get all those emotionally charged events on paper to prepare for the ceremony.

What Do You Bring to a Full Moon Ceremony?

full moon ceremony guide alter
Equipment for your ceremony!

When it comes to full moon ceremonies, I keep it very simple and use minimal items that are easily found in any household.

  • Candle and matches (white or scented, whatever you have or prefer)
  • Pen and paper (for your brain-dump)
  • A fireproof container to burn your paper full of notes in (please be safe if you use the fire method to clear)
  • OR
  • A bowl of water (if you don’t prefer to use fire, submerging things in water is clearing too)

How Do You Cleanse During A Full moon?

Once you perform your brain dump and feel that you released all that no longer serves you on to the paper, then it’s time to clear and purify.

To simplify things for you, I am listing the step-by-step method to help keep you organized and to remain intentional during your practice.

1. Set Up Your Full Moon Ceremony Space

full moon ceremony corner

Keep it simple too. You don’t need a full-blown alter to perform this session.

I simply pick a corner of my room and light my candle and set my bowls for my clearing session.

Please remember to perform this session in a clean space.

I prefer to have many crystals present to keep the energy high as I clear.

Incense and essential oils for aromatherapy are great too.

2. The Clearing Process

I quiet my mind and give myself permission to relax and then center myself with taking 5 deep breaths.

Once I am centered, I ask myself what do I want to clear during this period.

Then I pick the pen and paper and write about my feelings, thoughts, ideas, and other things that might come to mind when journaling.

full moon ceremony journaling

Once I feel that I emptied all things into the paper, then I transition to the clearing process.


If I were using the fire method to clear, I would light the papers that contained all my notes using the candle and imagine as the paper goes into flames that the light is clearing the negativity and releasing its energetic hold over me in present, past and future dimensions.

If I were using the water method, then I’d submerge the notes into the bowl of water and imagine myself releasing and clearing myself as the notes drown in the water.

Both fire and water are quite cleansing.

I sit there as the paper burns and continue to breathe.


Once the paper burns completely, I repeat the following mantra:

I, _______ (fill name in the blank), release during this full moon any vibrations and energies that are no longer serving me. Releasing it from my past, my present, and my future lives. Allowing the light to clear all that needs clearing and allowing healing to occur in mind, body, and soul. Here and Now. And so be it, and so it is!


After I complete the releasing and healing steps, I continue to breathe while sitting in silence for a while. I let my imagination run to see if any inspiration strike.

I highly recommend journaling after a releasing ceremony during a full moon.

What to Expect During A Full Moon Ritual?

full moon ceremony guide

Using the full moon time to release, heal, and transform is very magical.

The light the moon offers liberation for those seeking growth and transformation.

When you are open and willing, the full moon can be quite clarifying and is a fantastic time to release blocks and obstacles.

The full moon ritual is for letting go of all the things that no longer serve us.

So let go of old paradigms, addictive behaviors, toxic relationships, and physical and emotional pains.

When you release, you welcome healing and transformation.

How Hard is it to Perform A Full Moon Ceremony?

Full moon ceremonies are powerful and straightforward.

Most people try to overcomplicate the process. I keep things simple and perform the ceremony once a month without any extra fuss.

In this article, I shared with you how to use a full moon ceremony to clear and heal your mind, body, and soul.

One last thing to remember is to check your calendar to know when the full moon is happening and based on the calendar month; you can set different intentions for your ceremonies.

Please check this time table suggested by our friends at Learn Religions:

So as you can see a full moon ceremony can simple yet effective.

Give it a try next time the full moon is around!

Don’t miss out on the freeing and healing effect of the moon energy.

Full Moon Blessings,


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