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5 Benefits of Quartz in Crystal Healing

Benefits of Quartz in Crystal Healing
I make up 20% of the Earth's crust and I have a bunch of wonderful properties... What am I? Quartz, of course! That's right, the benefits of quartz crystals in crystal healing are almost unmatched. It's incredible ability to cleanse negativity...

Chakra Colors Quiz: Chakra Balancing For Beginners

Chakra Colors Quiz
Chakra in Sanskrit means wheel. There are many known chakras but the ones we will focus on are the 7 main chakras. These wheels are energy centers which are located on the midline of the body. Those 7 chakras govern our psychology.

The Benefits of Sage Burning: All You Need To Know About Sage!

sage burning natural white sage burning incense
11 Benefits of Sage Burning That'll Blow Your Mind! I love sage! Burning Sage (AKA Smudging) is a practice that I do almost on a daily basis. And, before I tell you why, let me share with you the history behind burning sage. Where...

How To Trust The Divine Timing Of Everything

Trust the Divine Timing of Manifestation
Have you ever wondered why things aren't moving as fast as you would like? Or maybe things seem to even be moving backward... Well, it's time to change that mindset and learn to trust in the wonderful divine timing of things!

The Biggest Law of Attraction Misconception

Law of Attraction Misconception
The law of attraction is one of the most powerful tools we have in our possession today to change our lives drastically and faster than we could ever imagine! The simple idea that thinking something can result in that very thing appearing, in reality, is one that a lot...

How to Talk to People… The Right Way

Learn How to Talk to People Today!
"Talking to people is simple, right? I mean, you just speak your mind and that's about it..." Is what most people probably think, but the reality is much deeper! The mind is one of the most complex miracles of the universe. It's no wonder it acts in very strange...

The Sacred Numbers, Sequences, and Geometry All Around You

sacred numbers Fibonacci sequence
Did you know that, more often than you might think, numbers, shapes, and ratios all around us have some form of significance? In particular, there are sacred numbers and geometric shapes that have been present in ancient, sacred culture for centuries, if not millennia. There are...

What is Crystal Healing and Does It Work?

The power of healing with crystals Benefits of Quartz
Healing with Crystals and The Science Behind it! What is Crystal Healing? It's a very valid and good question that I love to answer! By now, I got used to the look people give me when I say I work with crystals for healing, spiritual, and emotional growth.

How Good Are You At Reading People?

reading people
Are you able to accurately read other people's emotions? Do you see yourself as a good people reader? Well, let's put your ability of reading people to the test and see how good you really are? This quick, yet effective and fun quiz will help you...

Angel Card Reading, Select A Card To Reveal The Message

A Basic Angel Card Reading
A Divine Archangel Card Reading ... Hello Dear Child, Welcome to this Basic Angel Card Reading! This is a simple reading that I felt guided to do for us this month! If you came about this page, it doesn't matter how...

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